Our Commitment

Our Solutions leadership team came to Beacon Hill specifically to build and deliver experience-focused HR solutions to emerging growth companies. Delivering solutions separately to focus on one specific area or in tandem to create an Integrated Talent Solution, Beacon Hill Solutions commits to working with small and mid-size organizations to assist them in further streamlining their human capital needs.

While the world of talent acquisition has rapidly evolved in recent years with the abundance of HR technologies and changing workforce compositions, Beacon Hill’s leadership team has continued to operate with our founding mission in mind: to set a new standard in flexible staffing using unparalleled service and a passion for continuous improvement. Our customizable service offerings are based on best practices and industry innovations while being designed for each company’s unique human capital needs.

We are positioned to excel in servicing customers of all sizes through our flexible staffing offerings and customized account strategies.  We pride ourselves on our proven track record of providing the quality of a boutique firm while leveraging the resources and infrastructure of a larger firm. We are uniquely able to do so as a result of our impressive growth and investment in our team and organization.  In fact, we have grown organically by opening an average of seven new offices for each of the past five years, while adding ever-more awards to our portfolio of accomplishments. To learn about the impressive growth of our company overall, and our other specialty divisions, visit our Corporate Site’s Evolution page.

Listen, Learn, and Deliver

Our commitment to clients is to provide a level of service and support that is unmatched in our industry, while consistently delivering, innovating, and adapting as our clients’ change and evolve. 

Our Commitment to Our Suppliers

Working closely with the right supplier partners allows us to provide a high level of service to our clients while delivering unmatched fulfillment success and strategy.


"Beacon Hill showed us that they value what we do and they were willing to adapt to our business needs, operational challenges and help to create a program for us to manage our Contingent Workforce that is tailored to our growing business. The time they took to understand 'who we were' instead of pushing products or features gave us the comfort that they are willing to put us first and that they are willing to grow with us to achieve our business objectives." 

Director, Talent Acquisition - Solutions Client


"I commend you/BHS on the clarity and simplicity of the process, the attached documents and the program design. It's fantastic to see and quite refreshing!"

Founder & Principal - Solutions Supplier


"This year would not have been possible without your team on-board, Kathleen! We appreciate all your support and look forward to continuing this incredible partnership!"

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner - Solutions Client

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