Jaci Pulice

Corporate Recruiting Director

headshot of Jaci Pulice

Jaci Pulice oversees Beacon Hill Staffing Group’s Campus Recruiting initiatives across the country. She particularly focuses on recruiting efforts with campuses in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia based schools. She joined the campus team when it was first established in 2016 and since then has proven herself to be a valuable asset in attracting top talent to Beacon Hill Staffing Group. Ms.Pulice’s natural talent for building relationships combined with her passion for Beacon Hill Staffing Group provides a comprehensive and engaging experience for both job seekers and campus partners looking to learn more about our entry-level opportunities. She cares deeply about the candidates she represents and takes pride in connecting them to a career where they can see success. Whether it’s via a brief conversation at a job fair or a presentation to a room of 100+ students, Ms. Pulice has the ability to empower young professionals and spark their interest in the staffing industry. She started her career at Beacon Hill Staffing Group as an Account Executive and can speak first hand to the success one can have when they’re determined to work hard to see results. Prior to joining Beacon Hill, Ms. Pulice worked in marketing and admissions. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from American University, where she majored in Public Communications and minored in Marketing.

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