BH Associates® Case Study

Executive Support, Direct Hire

Our client, a major trade association in Washington, DC, needed an executive assistant to support their fast-moving, and always traveling, President.

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The executive assistant was not only needed to support the President, but over 100 national board members and 7 officers.


We knew it would be unlikely to find this candidate through traditional ad placement and normal channels. So, instead, we created a proactive plan for sourcing high-level support profiles. We created a list of other trade associations in the area who would have assistants involved in board meetings. Utilizing our referral network as well as making smart calls to the right industry companies, we sourced two quality candidates for the President’s review.

The Results

Our client made a hire within two weeks of giving us the search. The executive assistant has been in the role for three years and is happy with her level of responsibility and compensation. The President holds the candidate we placed in extremely high regard, and the company now utilizes us exclusively for all temporary and direct-hire administrative openings.