BH Technologies® Case Study

Delivering Exceptional Results in Niche Medical Device Role Search


Our client, a leading medical device company specializing in the development, manufacturing, production, and distribution of continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management, faced a daunting challenge. The company needed to fill a highly specialized role for a senior firmware SDET consultant, which required a unique combination of software and firmware testing capabilities, as well as extensive development experience. Despite searching for seven months, the client struggled to find the right candidate, and the position remained open.


Recognizing the client's predicament, Beacon Hill Technologies stepped in to help. Having successfully placed over 120 candidates in other roles for the client, we were well-positioned to offer our expertise. We conducted an in-depth session with the hiring manager to fully understand the role's requirements and began a rigorous three-month search for the right candidate.

Despite numerous challenges, including a lack of clarity from the hiring manager regarding the exact skills required, we persisted, asking specific questions to gain a better understanding of the role's nuances.

With a clear understanding of the role's requirements, we engaged our top recruiter, who sent out hundreds of messages to potential candidates. We carefully screened and presented six highly qualified candidates to the hiring manager, who ultimately selected one of our top picks. Unfortunately, the candidate had to leave the role due to health concerns, but we quickly found a suitable replacement within a week. Based on our experience working with the hiring manager, we knew precisely what type of candidate the company was seeking, and we were able to find an excellent fit quickly.

The Results

The selected candidate is now working for the client and is highly passionate about the company's work. Our efforts enabled the client to go from having zero support for four months to having our team's support for three months, ultimately resulting in the successful placement of a qualified candidate. Our client plans to open more of these roles in the future, and we now have first priority for these niche positions. Our unwavering dedication to finding the best candidates, combined with our constant communication and commitment to delivering results, sets us apart from the competition.