How does a staffing agency work?

Though the job market has been improving since the Great Recession, there are still many people actively looking for work. One excellent resource for job seekers is a staffing agency or search firm.

How does a staffing agency or search firm work?

You may have heard of different staffing agencies, such as Beacon Hill Staffing Group, that help people find jobs, but do you understand how these companies work? Here's what you need to know about working with a staffing agency or search firm.

The staffing agency process

  1. First, employers reach out to staffing agencies with open positions. Many companies choose to find workers through these agencies because the business either lacks the resources or time to find the best candidates, or understands that agencies can find candidates with specialized experience tailored to their needs.
  2. Next, the staffing agency or search firm posts job openings on the Internet for prospective candidates to review.
  3. At this time, the staffing company will proactively seek qualified job candidates for the open roles within its client's workforce.
  4. Job seekers can apply for positions and upload their resumes on the staffing agency's website.
  5. The staffing agency or search firm has internal staffing and search consultants look over the applications and resumes to begin the process of matching candidates with appropriate roles.
  6. The staffing organization will schedule in-person appointments with job seekers to discuss the position they applied for and other potential job matches.
  7. Internal search and staffing consultants work to match a job seeker's skill set and desired role with other available positions. These consultants will then contact employers to see if the candidate's qualifications are a good match for an open position.
  8. Finally, job seekers can consider their employment offers and continue to have their resume matched with future job offerings in their desired sector.