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Leading staffing partner for many of the nation's top government contractors, integrators, and consulting firms. Our expertise and tailored solutions make us a preferred choice for organizations seeking quality staffing support.

Capable of a range of sophisticated services

Our specialized talent solutions are versatile. They can operate independently to meet specific needs or seamlessly integrate into a larger program to support broader goals. This flexibility enables us to customize our approach to suit each client’s distinct requirements, ensuring optimal results. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

Contract Staffing

Direct hires may not always be ideal. This is true when facing challenges such as last-minute coverage and specialized skills required in government staffing. With our contract staffing, managing your temporary or project work is as easy as a phone call. We handle everything from hiring to onboarding and termination.

Contract to Hire

Sometimes, evaluating candidates through a trial period helps gauge their fit, and interim roles can turn into permanent positions. Our flexible approach allows both clients and employees to better understand each other before transitioning to a permanent position.

Executive Search & Direct Hire

We source candidates with active security clearances, handle interviews, background checks, and negotiate compensation. Clients are billed only if a candidate is successfully hired and remains beyond our guarantee period. This provides a risk-free way to onboard top talent.

Retained Search

Our Executive Search/Retained Search provides a dedicated team for your project, ensuring on-time completion. By partnering with us, you gain access to our research department for insightful market data and candidate details. Our approach aims to exceed your hiring expectations by providing top-tier candidates tailored to your requirements.

In the realm of security-cleared professionals, effective support for mission-critical projects can make or break your business. Elevate your hiring by enlisting our experienced and reliable team.

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Ready to help you succeed in your industry

Beacon Hill Government Services is more than just a talent supplier. We offer a broad spectrum of services tailored to our clients' needs. We take pride in our flexibility and commitment to serve various industries with customized solutions to tackle unique challenges. Here are some industries we serve:

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

An effective IT infrastructure plays a crucial role in supporting the delivery of your leading therapies and products. It ensures smooth operations, enhances efficiency and contributes to the overall success of your healthcare solutions. By investing in robust IT systems, you can optimize your processes and expand your business.


Collaborating with leading clients allows you to gain valuable insights and enhance your services. By developing comprehensive and integrated IT systems, you can streamline operations and improve efficiency. This collaboration not only strengthens your service offerings but also positions you as a trusted partner in your industry.

Financial Services

Boosting your competitive advantage involves recruiting experts with specialized skills in machine learning, data analytics, and robust IT security. These professionals can provide valuable insights, optimize processes, and enhance the security of your systems. By investing in top-tier talent in these areas, you can stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving demands of your industry.


Security-cleared IT experts ensure confidentiality when handling your mission-critical goals. These professionals bring specialized skills and a deep understanding of security protocols to safeguard your sensitive information. By entrusting your projects to these experts, you can achieve your objectives more efficiently and with greater peace of mind.


Enhance and streamline your healthcare systems by hiring skilled IT professionals specializing in helpdesk support, project management and more. These experts bring valuable expertise to optimize your IT infrastructure, improve patient care, and increase efficiency.


Maintain smooth operations by employing skilled data analysts, support specialists and systems experts. These professionals play a vital role in ensuring that your systems run efficiently. By having a competent team in these areas, you can minimize disruptions and enhance overall performance in your organization.


Deliver a high-value experience by hiring experts in user experience, applications, customer data analytics and beyond. With their specialized skills, you can stay ahead of competitors and provide exceptional value to your customers.


Transform your network capacity, reach and reliability by engaging top-notch developers, project managers, wireless technologists and more. These experts bring valuable skills and experience to enhance your network infrastructure and optimize its performance. With their expertise, you can ensure a more robust and reliable network that meets the demands of your users and supports your organization's growth.

Agencies we have supported and serviced

As experts in Government Sector staffing and solutions, we specialize in placing professionals across diverse roles. Our experts specialize in identifying and recruiting top talent that aligns with the unique requirements of government agencies. A few agencies we have supported and serviced include:

  • DHS
  • CBP
  • Treasury
  • Smithsonian
  • Census Bureau
  • FDIC
  • Air Force
  • HHS
  • IRS

  • Federal Reserve Board
  • NOAA
  • USDA
  • US PTO
  • DOL
  • DOJ
  • Army
  • USMC
  • USCG

  • DOT
  • TSA
  • GSA
  • VA
  • DISA
  • DLA
  • ATFE
  • Intelligence Agencies

Beacon Hill is in remote control

Our vast resources and network of remote talent have helped clients maintain business continuity through severe disruptions. Whether you are an employer taking your first foray into remote work arrangements, or a talented professional looking to stay closer to home, trust Beacon Hill to manage your remote work arrangement safely and effectively.
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Beacon Hill Government Services is committed to supporting all specialty divisions with our comprehensive staffing solutions. Our recruiting and staffing experts specialize in placing top professionals across various sectors including technology, financial, legal, human resources, pharma, and administrative roles. Using our industry expertise and broad network, we aim to quickly connect clients with the right talent. We focus on providing quality candidates who can make a significant impact on our clients' success.

Skill sets

  • Help Desk
  • Command and Control
  • Web Application Development (JAVA/.Net)
  • Network Support
  • Information Assurance
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architecture Administration
  • Data Storage
  • Systems Administration (UNIX/LINUX)
  • Cyber Security
  • Identity Management
  • Data Analytics
  • NOC/SOC Engineers
  • Project Management
  • Security Operations
  • Database/Data Warehouse development
  • Certification and Accreditation (C&A)

Case Study

Our client had a pressing need for a 24/7 Service Desk employee. The individual must have held an active security clearances and possessed advanced technical skills. This requirement was crucial to maintain uninterrupted support for their operations and ensure the security of sensitive information.

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