Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Our objective

To build and sustain a system of resources, procedures, policies and plans that support diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for all.

This goes hand-in-hand with our founding mission to embody trust, decency, honesty and mutual respect throughout all of our business and talent activities. It is the foundation for a brighter future in which our entire Beacon Hill community is heard, supported and included at all levels of our business.

Led by a team of diverse individuals, Beacon Hill’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) Taskforce represents employees from a variety of roles, divisions and locations throughout the company. This team is the driving force that connects communities within and around Beacon Hill. As we look to the future, the DEIB Taskforce will serve as ambassadors for an inclusive Beacon Hill culture while helping to drive systemic change throughout our reaches.

Long-term action

While diversity in the workplace has always been a focus at Beacon Hill, we took our first formal steps toward a sustainable DEIB practice in 2019.

We sought out a DEIB consulting firm that engaged with our executive committee to examine the company’s current state and to recommend best practices for the future. In the coming years, Beacon Hill will continue to cultivate an environment of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging by providing resources, maintaining equitable workforce practices and policies and advocating for all of the unique voices within the community.

What we've done

  • First DEIB Seminar

    Our entire senior leadership team met in person to be trained on the topic of unconscious bias. An outpouring of enthusiasm followed the seminar which inspired the formal rollout of our companywide DEIB program.

  • Upgrading how we recruit

    Beacon Hill seeks to achieve equitable representation through targeted recruiting. Every Beacon Hill employee is required to pass courses on effective job board postings and ensuring equality for all qualified candidates, EEOC compliance and discrimination. Re-certification is required annually.

  • Unconscious Bias Training

    With an eye toward developing every one of our employees to build on their knowledge and skills in and around inclusion and diversity, we engaged Chelsie Walsh, Beacon Hill's DEIB Resource Manager, to lead us in a course entitled "Creating an Inclusive Workforce: A DEIB Led Training on our Unconscious Thoughts". All employees were asked to attend one of several limited-seat sessions and to be prepared to be on camera.

    Chelsie taught us that all of us have bias, whether it's unconscious or something we are aware of. We explored where our biases come from and how to check them when making decisions, especially decisions as they relate to talent selection and retention.

  • Employee Resource Networks

    At the start of 2023, under the guidance of our DEIB Resource Manager Chelsie Walsh, we began the construction of Beacon Hill's very first Employee Resource Networks (ERNs) or employee-led affinity groups. These networks provide Beacon Hill employees with the opportunity to connect more deeply with fellow Beacon Hillers to discuss their shared experiences, struggles and achievements and how they impact their work.

    After feedback provided by Beacon Hill employees to our DEIB Taskforce and careful consideration, we have formed six initial groups, each with a unique focus and a dream team of leaders and group members to helm each group's initiatives.