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Global Talent Services and Onshore Consulting

We build bridges from highly specialized and skilled talent across the globe to our clients throughout 60+ Beacon Hill offices in the United States.

What is Global Talent Services & Onshore Consulting?

Sourcing the best talent for your organization means leaving no stone unturned. Global Talent Services and Onshore Consulting connects highly skilled individuals with organizations – regardless of nationality. Integrating a compliant, effective visa sponsorship process into recruitment efforts gives clients the widest possible radius when looking to hire for difficult-to-fill positions.

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The competition for difference-makers has never been more fierce.

An organization must be willing to search across every possible network, and source from multiple channels in order to find the right fit.

What you gain

Sophisticated, highly skilled consultants demand a specialized approach. Our immigration and consulting services give you access to the best-of-the-best, while we handle the administrative and regulatory burden.

Partner With Us

Access to talent without borders

An experienced and effective immigration partner

Flexibility to test the working relationship

The knowledge and strength to navigate a complicated regulatory process

We tackle the common problems

  • Unraveling layers of complexity

    The regulations underpinning the sponsorship process are complicated enough. Beacon Hill directly employs candidates, so that the only relationship that's managed is between us and the client.

  • Talent uncertainty

    The considerable time and effort it takes to employ via sponsorship means that a failed engagement is twice as costly for clients. We invest heavily in consultant redeployment, meaning that you know you are hiring best-in-class talent that are proven, tested, and versed in a wide spectrum of skillsets.

  • Sprawling capabilities gaps

    Your business is growing too fast to be slowed down by a skills shortage. Immigration and Onshore Consulting allows you unfettered access to international talent pools to allow your organization to keep ascending.

How we help you

Cutting administrative burden

Your organization should spend time on what it does best – not filling out government paperwork. Employing Beacon Hill means more time spent on mission-critical projects.

Providing key expertise

Our dedicated team of Global Talent Services and Onshore Consulting specialists combine the know-how to maneuver through the circuitous sponsorship process with the recruiting skill to make great matches.

Matching the right candidates to your needs

In-house visa sponsorship doesn't allow for onboarding candidates on a trial basis. Our hiring process allows for a test period, where both parties are able to ensure the fit will work.

Managing regulatory requirements

Sponsorship can be a high-wire act in that it pairs the sudden variability of legislation and policy changes with the drawn-out procedure of administering them. Luckily, our teammates are gifted trapeze artists.

Our experts provide functional expertise and a range of perspectives to solve your unique needs.

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