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Direct Hire

The best risk-free way to bring top talent directly into your organization.

Growing shouldn't mean putting your business on hold while searching for the right talent

You can focus on your core competencies while we handle the hiring. We do it all. We research, identify, and introduce qualified candidates, manage the interview and selection process, provide detailed references and background information, negotiate compensation, and provide valuable feedback after candidates start.

Do you need to:

Partner With Us

Fill open requisitions and have limited time and resources to do so?

Identify candidates with an extremely unique skillset?

Access a dedicated team of researchers, candidate developers, and search consultants?

Work with a team who will commit to your specific project and timeframe?

Benefits of direct hire

Attract the best of the best talent

Our staffing experts build a vast bench of skilled, qualified candidates by utilizing top-of-the-line talent acquisition strategies, deep referral networks, and best-in-class recruitment technologies. If you have a "needle in a haystack" problem, we're your super magnet.

Find peace of mind

You are only billed for service if a candidate is successfully hired and remains employed beyond our 100 percent guarantee period. There’s no better risk-free way to bring top talent directly into your organization.

Expertise to define your needs

You know your business. We know the market. Whether you need help benchmarking salary, refining your search strategy, or determining precise staffing levels, we have the know-how you can depend on.

No "square peg/round hole" approaches

There's more than one route to a direct hire. We offer contingency, retained, and hybrid options, as well as nonexclusive options where you may utilize other search firms in addition to our own. With myriad choices and no upfront fees, we work with you to employ the optimal arrangement for your business.

Our experts provide functional expertise and a range of perspectives to solve your unique needs.

Why Beacon Hill

Why companies direct hire through us

  • Staffing firms have a wealth of knowledge and experience

    In a perfect world, you're not spending your day interviewing prospective hires – you're making moves to put your business's products and services on top. That's where we come in. Our work revolves around meeting and qualifying the right people, so you don't have to.

  • Vast networks make nationwide hiring easy

    We've spent our careers making connections across the country, so no matter where you're rooted, we have a universe of referrals and the wherewithal to ace your next placement.

  • Perfect for people new to the market

    For new and growing companies, the impact of every single new hire reverberates throughout the organization – that's why it's paramount to get each one right. Working with a trusted staffing partner on your next direct hire mitigates the risk of bringing the wrong fit into your building.

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