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Executive Search

A comprehensive search process, led by industry experts, centered around what matters most for the future of your business – its people.

What is executive search?

Executive search provides businesses with a confidential, dedicated resource to identify and hire talent across their C-suite and executive-level positions. Beacon Hill's executive search team provides certainty in the search for new organizational leadership. You will be working alongside a team of researchers with exhaustive job market intelligence, who understand the ins and outs of your business.

The right search process starts with the right search firm.

A knowledgeable, conscientious team can provide you with an accurate and full-bodied perspective on the talent that's on the market, and they can identify the characteristics that make up a successful hire in your particular role.

Whether a backfill due to promotion, a new role through growth and expansion, a position created through acquisition, or a confidential replacement, a seasoned search team will be able to identify individuals that can uphold and accelerate the values of your organization. We provide a dedicated team of researchers, candidate developers, and search consultants to guide you through transitions. With an extensive network in key industries, we specialize in leadership roles from the C-Suite to functional leadership at the SVP, VP, and Senior/Director levels. Leverage our contingent search methodology into a retained or contained search model to save time, ensure qualifications, and increase offer acceptances.

What you gain

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Dedicated candidate developers and search consultants

Access to extensive talent networks associated with your specific organizational needs

An efficient, streamlined process resulting in time saved over the typical in-house search process

Peace of mind through your organization's most tectonic shifts

We tackle the common problems

  • An impersonal process

    The value of engaging a search firm lies in its ability to lend talent market expertise to your specific search process. That can't happen with a we-know-best model. A consultative, coordinated effort involving both the search firm and your organization will ensure the best possible outcome.

  • Rigid structures

    Executive search firms should be able to provide an arrangement that works with your business. Through our retained or contained search model, Beacon Hill affords you the flexibility to choose a model that fits your organization's goals.

  • Market uncertainty

    Leaders are your organization's compass. If the fit is off, even by a degree, it can radically change your trajectory. Engaging an experienced and committed search firm gives you certainty navigating these perilous waters.

  • Strategic myopia

    A business doesn't arrive at success haphazardly – it does so by focusing on its strengths, or by repeating what has worked in the past. In the case of executive search, this may not be the best course, however. Engaging a firm with a different perspective ensures the best fit for your company, even if it's different than what you expected.

How we help you

Best-in-class industry knowledge

An executive search process often starts with a fundamental shift within your organization. Whether it be the need for a new department head or someone to launch your presence in a new market, Beacon Hill's executive search team has experience placing candidates nationwide in various industries.

Processes intertwined with your values

Via an in-depth screening process, up-front reference checks, and weekly update calls, we ensure that your team has full visibility into our process and that your values and vision are communicated from the word "go."

Less of your valuable time on tactics, more on strategy

Our expert teams handle all time-consuming aspects of recruitment – interview scheduling, interview preparation, debriefs, negotiation, offer delivery, etc. Instead of wasting time on administrative tasks, you can dedicate your energies to defining what really matters in a successful hire.

Seeing the process through completion

Regular check-ins, relocation coordination, and first-day and weekly touchpoints post-hire allow for a smooth transition for your nascent leader.

Our experts provide functional expertise and a range of perspectives to solve your unique needs.

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