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Experienced administrative professionals ready to help your organization save time, create efficiency and support clients. Entry-level professional talent eager to develop within your company.

Capable of a range of sophisticated services

Temporary placement

Flexible staffing is essential for companies managing cyclical, seasonal or uncertain demand. Events, projects, vacations and staff shortages need skilled people who are available quickly and have specific expertise. Our temporary staffing service can help complete your project and temporary work needs with just one phone call.

We do it all – from sourcing, interviewing, hiring and terminating employees, to everything in between.

Temporary to hire

Sometimes you want to audition potential candidates to see how they work. Other times, interim positions may become full-time jobs. With this flexible option, clients and temporary/contract employees can get to know each other better before making a decision.

Direct hire

On a contingent basis, we provide comprehensive administrative candidate search and placement services, including interview management and post-placement support.

You will only be charged for our services if a candidate stays employed beyond our guarantee period. It's the ultimate risk-free method to onboard top talent into your organization.

Retained search

You will have a team of researchers, candidate developers and search consultants dedicated to your project and timeline. 

When you hire Beacon Hill Associates for your search, you can expect timely project completion. You can also access our research department for market insights, candidate information and competitive intelligence.

Leading companies prioritize their customers and their employees. We provide the administrative and professional talent that will give your business a competitive edge.

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Ready to help you succeed in your industry

Beacon Hill Associates is more than a single supplier of talent solutions. Below is a sampling of the industries in which we provide placement services and human capital solutions.


Client satisfaction depends on results and a personal touch. Deliver first-class service with industry-leading administrative operations.

Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

As Life Sciences companies continue to evolve and expand, their administrative needs become more complex. Keep it simple and hire experienced talent from us.

Family Office

We provide trustworthy professionals to help wealthy families with personal tasks, managing their homes and organizing their estates.

Financial Services

Utilize our broad connections within the financial sector, including private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, investment management and other financial services, to hire top talent.


Accuracy, efficiency and confidentiality are top concerns for healthcare organizations. We provide talent that can handle patient information properly, keep data secure and provide conscientious service.


Litigation is at an all-time high and top law firms have massive requirements for administrative support. We help you attract top talent at every level of your firm.


Hire sales, customer service, administrative and operational support that improve innovation, production, supply chain, logistics and the experience for your customers.


Various organizations need skilled people to help them while also supporting their cause. These include global non-profits, prestigious academic institutions, local municipalities and grassroots charities.

Real Estate

Commercial and residential operations require exceptional client service. Investment and development teams need industry expertise. Our expert teams will help you find it all.


From startup companies to global conglomerates, dynamic professional services firms always focus on their clients by hiring administrative talent capable of interacting with customers.

Practice Areas

    From the front office to the boardroom, strong administrative support is critical. Our candidates can help you make a good first impression on people who call or come to your office. They also assist in keeping things running smoothly.

    We offer top customer support professionals for contact centers nationwide. We provide services for high-volume, short-term, and long-term projects that clients can complete remotely.

    We have entry-level professionals with college degrees who are eager to grow their careers at your company. They come from various specialty areas and have received training.

    Our Executive Assistants help top global executives by solving problems discreetly. They have a strong understanding of the executives' business and industry. They provide support to ensure the executives can focus on their work.

    Executing successful events takes proper planning, organization and follow-through. Our event planning and event support teams go the extra mile to cover every detail.

    Content, design and distribution are all important. Creative professionals are in extreme demand and our team will connect you with marketing talent at all levels.

    Running an office efficiently is an art form. We provide the administrative leadership and facilities management professionals that make it look easy.

    High-profile individuals and wealthy families utilize our services to find round-the-clock personal assistants who prioritize confidentiality.

    Proper messaging is crucial internally and externally. We staff our clients with experienced professionals who represent your company well and get it right the first time.

    Every business needs positions that bring in money and roles that help the business grow and work with customers. Every step of the sales process needs strong talent.

From executive support to operations, from creative and marketing to sales and customer service, when your company requires team members that have the skills to do the job well and right “fit” with the organization, Beacon Hill Associates will deliver. You get immediate access to the best candidates in the market – both passive and active job seekers - across every industry allowing you to make the right hire at the right time.

Skill Sets

  • Executive, Administrative, Office Management & Support
    • Chief of Staff and Administrative Managers
    • Executive and Administrative Assistants
    • Receptionists and Office Coordinators
    • Office and Facilities Management
    • Events Managers and Support
    • Data Entry and File Clerks
  • Marketing & Communications
    • Marketing Managers, Analysts and Coordinators
    • Research, Product and Communications Managers
    • Graphic Designers and Presentation Specialists
    • Editorial Assistants, Social Media and Communications Coordinators
  • Family Office
    • Personal Assistant
    • Property, Household and Estate Management
  • Sales & Business Development
    • VP of Sales and Sales Managers
    • Inside and Outside Sales Associates
    • Business Development and Sales Coordinators
    • Sales Analysts and RFP Specialists
  • Customer Service & Call Center
    • Customer Service Directors, Managers and Supervisors
    • On-premise and 100% remote customer service representatives
    • Fulfillment and Order Processors
  • Industry Specialty
    • Investor Relations and Research Assistants
    • Banking and Trading Floor Assistants
    • Development Managers and Coordinators
    • Medical Office Assistants and Patient Coordinators

    • Grants Administrators

Beacon Hill is in remote control

Our vast resources and network of remote talent have helped clients maintain business continuity through severe disruptions. Whether you are an employer taking your first foray into remote work arrangements, or a talented professional looking to stay closer to home, trust Beacon Hill to manage your remote work arrangement safely and effectively.
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