Amanda Gaughan

Senior Recruiting Manager

headshot of Amanda Gaughan

Ms. Amanda Gaughan leads the temporary recruiting team for Beacon Hill Associates in Boston. Since she joined the firm in 2016, Ms. Gaughan's deep knowledge of the area's employment landscape, keen sensitivity to candidate experience and ceaseless drive to match the right person with the right position have helped her place thousands of top-tier candidates at hundreds of leading companies across New England. Beyond her individual recruiting duties, Ms. Gaughan manages a distinguished team of recruiters and sets an example of consistent excellence. Prior to joining Beacon Hill, Ms. Gaughan graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and worked in the nonprofit sector in Portsmouth, NH. Upon moving to Boston, she was placed in a temporary assignment through Beacon Hill Associates and spent several years as an administrative professional before transitioning to staffing. After establishing herself as a top producer at another leading staffing agency, Ms. Gaughan came full circle by returning to Beacon Hill Associates, this time as a recruiter.

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