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Contract to Hire

Build your organization, adaptively.

Your organization is an organism

It grows and changes with the people who comprise it. Introducing someone new to the fold can be a harrowing experience. Utilizing a contract-to-hire approach means both employer and employee "test the waters" to ensure that the fit is right.

Benefits of contract to hire

The best of both worlds

Hiring and onboarding temporary employees is quick and painless, especially if your organization employs a trusted staffing partner to manage the process. But nothing can replace the value of a tenured, direct hire employee whose expertise is ingrained in every fiber of your business. A contract-to-hire approach accomplishes both of these goals concurrently – bringing talent aboard promptly while grooming them for long-term success.

Right fit, right qualifications

Everything you need to know is all on the candidate's resume, right? Maybe not. Even after an exhaustive interview process, determining if a candidate is the right fit is nearly impossible until they're in the building. A contract-to-hire approach means not only gaining access to a vetted and highly-skilled candidate pool but also seeing how those skills on a resume play out in your office.

Time to decide the right fit

It's unavoidable – not every employee-employer relationship will be best for both parties. Minimize the impact by baking in a "feeling out" period through a contract-to-hire approach.

Hiring – an inexact calculus

Your company is building a new call center. Do you need 30 employees, or 300? A contract-to-hire approach gives you the opportunity to identify the right staffing levels for your business needs.

Do you need to:

Partner With Us

Access highly-skilled candidates with specialized expertise?

Shrink the recruitment cycle to fill a pressing capacity gap?

Reduce the cost of identifying and onboarding a direct-hire employee?

Test the atmospherics of a candidate-culture fit, without exposing your team to undue risk?

Our experts bring deep industry and functional expertise with a range of perspectives that consistently solve your unique needs.

Why Beacon Hill

Why companies contract to hire through us

  • Staffing firms provide instant access to highly qualified resources

    Without a powerhouse process in place, every recruitment can feel like starting from square one. A dependable staffing partner promises a deep bench of expert candidates from the word "go."

  • High-speed results, delivered with utmost consideration

    Job market know-how. Streamlined onboarding in a snap. Our nationwide network of specialists help clients bring on talent with the speed to match their growth, without sacrificing long-term success.

  • Contract to hire helps organizations solve the culture conundrum

    Contract to hire is more than just an opportunity for a "trial run." During the contract period, the client and the contractor retain the services of our knowledgeable and highly skilled Account Executives and Staffing Consultants. These professionals provide a dedicated resource for each to check on progress, address any potential issues, and secure optimal satisfaction.

  • Contract to hire mitigates risk

    With a 100% service guarantee, working with Beacon Hill ensures the best possible experience with every assignment.

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