How artificial intelligence is changing the recruiting field

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more advanced and accessible, the systems and workflows for recruiters will continue to transform. The good news is that, unlike certain industries, the human element is still very valuable in the recruiting field.

New technologies are being used by recruiters to do their jobs more efficiently. This means that they can spend less time on labor-intensive tasks, like manually screening resumes, and focus on other aspects of the job.

The job market is evolving

AI is causing many occupations to become obsolete, while also giving birth to a plethora of new opportunities. More college students are choosing to study computer science, as the demand for software engineering jobs has gradually increased over the past few years. Accounting, retail management, and electrical technician jobs, on the other hand, are already starting to experience a decline. This trend will continue to change the types of candidates that recruiters pursue.

AI is making the hiring process easier

Thanks to AI, the process of discovering, hiring, and training new employees is more streamlined than ever before. Recruiters can sit back while bots do a lot of the work that was once expected of them, like scanning social platforms for qualified talent or reading through hundreds of different applications and cover letters. This allows recruiters to spend more time doing parts of the job that demand a human element, such as conducting interviews and writing reports.

Check out our infographic below to learn more about how AI is changing the recruiting field: