3 Long-Term Steps To Advance Your Cybersecurity Career

America has a severe lack of qualified cybersecurity experts. For professionals already in the field, this represents an amazing opportunity to advance your career, earn more money and gain the satisfaction of defending our institutions against cyber hazards.

If it seems like there's a new threat to our digital personal information every day, it's because those threats are real. Beyond the private sector, the U.S. federal government faces digital attacks from domestic, foreign and state-sponsored cyber terrorists on a constant basis. In fact, some government agencies are hit with as many as 10 million digital intrusions per month, according to Wired Magazine.

Whether you've been in the field for years or are just getting a start, it's the perfect time to start thinking about how you can advance your career in cybersecurity in the long-term.

Education is key

Few cybersecurity professionals have more than a bachelor's degree in computer science. Getting an advanced degree in a related field, such as machine learning or cyber law, could put you well ahead of the competition. Earning an advanced degree not only gives you prestige, but also a higher earning potential.

Once you've settled into your field, there's no time to get complacent about your education. Cybersecurity tactics change fast. Keeping up-to-date with certifications will help you stay on your toes mentally and help potential employers recognize you as a serious contender for leadership roles.

Where you look for work will also affect how you're compensated. If you're serious about becoming a leader in the world of cybersecurity, you may have to consider relocating to a major metropolitan hub such as New York City or Washington D.C.

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