How to Measure Your Job Search Goals

If you've been searching for a job for what seems like forever, you are not alone. For some job seekers, the search can go on for months or longer, which is why it's important to take a scientific approach to your process. By tracking the number of applications you send, phone calls you make and emails you deliver, you can get a better understanding of which tactics work best for your field of professional interest.

A job search is a job

Many experts recommend devoting 40 hours a week to your job search if you are currently unemployed. By treating the search as a job in itself, you can maintain the skills and work ethic you've developed at school or previous jobs. As with any work, however, it's important to take breaks when necessary. When you're unemployed, it may feel like any moment not spent searching is a waste, but that's not entirely true. Make time to recharge and refresh so you can sustain your effort.