BH Technologies® Case Study

Migrating to New SAP Technologies


Our client, A Fortune 100 oil and gas company, had purchased a large refinery on the West Coast. They needed to consolidate their internal systems to one platform, which required replacing old SAP technologies, then migrating the acquired refinery onto new SAP technologies.


Beacon Hill built a team of SAP resources (e.g., business analysts,, applications support, and solutions managers) familiar with SAP plant and materials management, as well as SAP BPC, to gather all the requirements and understand the project scope. They focused on conducting a systems analysis and providing a solution to accomplish the project timely. All this was around the finances for the new refinery and our client, so the refinery integrated into existing requirements. We supported the implementation, GoLive, and the migration.

The Results

Our team provided successfully completed the migration on time, and the same team is now responsible for managing new refinery locations our client is acquiring. Our consultants were such a great match, they were converted to full-time equivalents upon project completion. Today, they still providing ongoing support and enhancements.