Beacon Hill HR shares tips from our BEST clients!

For 22 years, our firm has helped leading companies across all industries attract, retain and further develop elite talent.

We have successfully placed over 200,000 candidates including 32,000 last year alone, nearly 1000 by our HR practice. Our company has evolved from a start-up with one office in Boston to the #28 Largest Staffing Company in the United States, now with 59 locations including two offices in New York City and a national recruiting center supporting clients in all 50 states. We have been ranked as one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the country every year for over a decade, the only company on both the largest and fastest-growing lists to grow without any acquisitions. Beacon Hill has been consistently named among the largest and best staffing firms in the nation by publications such as Staffing Industry Analysts, Forbes, and ClearlyRated. Our organic growth led our company to $902 million in revenue in 2021, up from $637 million in 2020. At Beacon Hill, we are truly Experts at Work.

The war for talent didn’t start this year or during any ‘Great Resignation’. Competition for talented employees has existed since the beginning of time.

Good people are hard to find, harder to hire and most challenging to retain. To do all three successfully, your employees must be the #1 priority of your company. This commitment must be visible in your recruitment efforts, interview processes, onboarding and training as well as experienced by people on the job. If your employees have high income potential, real career growth, opportunities for professional development, flexibility, work/life balance, quality benefits, the resources needed to do their job well, mentorship and support, as well as a diverse team that they can learn from and enjoy, then they will stay. Your customers will receive excellent service from happy employees, your company will become a more desirable place to work and your business will experience the compounding benefits of retention – efficiency, innovation, collaboration and dynamic growth – all of which is more sustainable in a low turnover environment.

Staffing in 2022 is a crisis.

Like any emergency, you are either well prepared or you are not. For those who are prepared, your companies will not just survive, they will thrive. For those who are not, the effects will be devastating so you should carefully consider immediate action and investment to catch up with the market. Our best clients have been focused on enhancing their interview process, eliminating unnecessary steps and prioritizing the candidate experience. Our best clients have invested in and expanded their talent acquisition functions as well as the resources dedicated to support employees over the last year when many have needed support most. Our best clients were already deeply committed to the social issues vaulted to the front of mind for all in 2020 and are even more dedicated to these important initiatives today.

Companies have faced immense challenges during the pandemic. Every organization has made difficult decisions for their business and with every choice, their priorities were exposed. At this point, your employees know if they are your #1 priority or a priority at all. Even with bigger numbers in recent months, very few people left their jobs during the last two years despite being very unhappy and completely frustrated by the lack of leadership, opportunity, flexibility and support at their company. Who would leave a stable, good-paying job during a global pandemic if they rely on their income to live or to support their family? Certainly, there have been brave individuals who were willing to take the risk or people that reached the breaking point and felt they had no other choice, but the vast majority of dissatisfied workers stayed, a fact that should both terrify and inspire every c-level executive and every person connected to the talent function of a company. For some it is exposure and for others a massive opportunity.

Our best clients proactively recruited many of these employees as did our company, listening carefully to their concerns, then communicating transparently and candidly when presenting our opportunities to them. Transparency and candor give you credibility in the recruitment process. With credibility, you can earn trust and form a relationship with candidates that will help you win the war for talent in 2022. A passive job seeker index revealed one out of two people currently employed would leave their job today for something better. That means every employee in your company is considering leaving or knows someone at your company who is considering leaving. 80% of the respondents said they would leave because they didn’t agree with the social issues prioritized by the company, most notably flexibility, equitable compensation and a commitment to diversity.

At Beacon Hill, we are proud of the role we have played supporting our clients for more than two decades and especially proud of what we have accomplished together in recent years. We have positively impacted our clients with outstanding candidate referrals, high-quality contract employees, market data and strategic consulting. With customized and creative solutions for our clients, we offer valuable expertise, experience and market knowledge.

​​What is Beacon Hill HR?

Beacon Hill HR is Beacon Hill's human resources specialty division. Just last year, our offices placed nearly 1000 HR professionals in 24 different states, covering a full range of HR skillsets.

From "People Operations Coordinator" to "Campus Recruiter" to "Head of Talent Acquisition" to “CHRO”, we placed candidates in every sector of our clients' HR departments in direct hire, temp to perm and consulting roles.

No matter the industry or the competency required, our team's collective experience and extensive network provides clients with the best possible resource in their search for the right fit, with a customized approach based on the client’s needs.

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