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Case Study 1 – Direct-Hire Search for HR Manager of Retail Company

Summary: Our client, an established European retailer looking to expand operations in the U.S., needed a hands-on HR leader to direct all operational aspects of its opening, as well as managing talent and running several retail locations on the East Coast.

Challenge: The role required a unique blend of experience combining operations, administration, and legal/human resources. Our client was looking for someone with multi-site experience, start-up experience, and complete expertise in all areas of HR. A strong, high-level human resources executive was required because the company did not have previous U.S. experience, and needed someone who could help navigate the complex U.S. employment laws.

Solution: The Beacon Hill HR team leveraged our network to identify a candidate with the required skill-set, who was a previous contact at one of our clients. After a few conversations about the opportunity, this candidate, who was not actively searching, agreed to an exploratory conversation with the head of US operations for our client, and they both recognized a strong fit.

Result: The client was able to move forward with opening a flagship location in Boston, as well as continuing expansion plans in other markets, including Washington DC.

Case Study 2 – Law firm HRIS Manager Search, Direct-Hire

Summary: Our client, a Boston-based law firm with offices across the U.S. and abroad needed an experienced HRIS manager to manage the firm’s HR systems.

Challenge: Our client needed someone with specific technical skills and previous professional services industry experience, immediately. Time to deliver was crucial.

Solution: Our Beacon Hill HR team allocated dedicated time of both a researcher and candidate developer who worked full-time conducting a targeted search utilizing multiple avenues to identify candidates with the required background.

Result: In a short time, Beacon Hill HR identified a number of very strong candidates with interest in the role and our client made a successful hire from this candidate pool within the desired time frame.

Case Study 3 – Open Enrollment Project, Healthcare

Summary: Our client, one of Boston’s largest hospitals, needed benefits contractors to provide temporary support for its open enrollment.

Challenge: Our client needed multiple candidates with previous benefits experience, strong customer service experience, and flexibility to start immediately and commit for the duration of the assignment.

Solution: Our Beacon Hill HR team reached out to all qualified candidates in our database who were available for immediately deployment, and delivered those who had the appropriate skillset within hours.

Result: Our client not only had a successful open enrollment process, but extended the assignment of one of our contractors for an additional 6 months.

Case Study 4 – Contract Sourcing Project, Consulting

Summary: Our client, a global management consulting firm, needed help with a pilot sourcing program they were launching.

Challenge: Our client was looking for a great recruiter with strong sourcing skills who could come in as part of a pilot program to expand the firm’s sourcing capabilities, but because of the start-up nature of the program, they needed someone who could work independently, perform in a very unstructured environment, and help a new manager make a pilot program successful.

Solution: We identified a star candidate moving from NYC to Boston with strong sourcing skills as well as the right “soft” skills for the role. We took great care to explain the uniqueness of the role and the environment to make sure expectations were managed.

Result: Our contractor interviewed for the role and was hired for a two month contract. The pilot program was a big success, and the firm has continued to grow its in-house sourcing team. We currently have another contract recruiter on assignment with this client, in a similar role.

Case Study 5 – Campus Recruiting Manager, Direct-Hire

Summary: Our client, a high-growth software company, needed someone to develop and run their campus recruiting program.

Challenge:  Our client needed someone out of the technology industry who had strong connections with campus engineering programs in the area, a deep understanding of the market for technical talent, a passion for campus recruiting, and the drive and ambition to build a best-in-class campus program.

Solution: We sourced and made phone calls to prospects, and all of our contacts in the campus and technology recruiting worlds, and identified a star candidate who was at the perfect point in his career to take on this challenge.

Result: Our client made a great hire and our candidate now manages a growing campus team of 4 and has raised the bar for technical campus recruiting programs in Boston.

Case Study 6 – Newly Created Talent Management Role

Summary: Our client, a boutique consulting firm, had an immediate need for a Director of Talent.

Challenge:  This was a newly created role with a lot of internal visibility and candidates had to get the “buy-in” from all members of a very diverse senior leadership team. We needed to find someone with professional services experience and expertise in talent management who was also an exact culture fit. The level of the role was not yet determined so we had to find candidates who could navigate a fluid search process and an ever-changing landscape.

Solution: We presented a slate of qualified candidates across a broad range of experience.  After interviewing several candidates, we helped our client identify “the one” – someone who was less experienced than they were initially thinking, but who was the perfect culture fit and who received a unanimous “yes” from the leadership team.

Result: The Director of Talent has now been with our client for three years, and has played a key role in helping the company achieve its talent goals.

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