How Beacon Hill screens candidates for success

No matter the industry, market or any other factor that sets businesses apart, the right people are an absolutely crucial element of stability, success and growth.

Finding the best possible candidates for an open position is one of the few consistent and universal needs across the modern economy. No matter the industry, market or any other factor that sets businesses apart, the right people are an absolutely crucial element of stability, success and growth.

At Beacon Hill, we take a deep interest in the success of candidates, both as individuals and as valuable parts of your company's overall operations. Our screening process ensures a high degree of alignment between the abilities, skills, educational background and experience of candidates and your organization's needs. Let's take a closer look at what makes our candidate screening process so reliable and effective.

Our commitment to finding the best possible candidates on short timelines helps bring top talent to your company.

An emphasis on knowledge and communication

An initial message explaining the need to fill a position quickly leads to a discussion between a senior recruiter and an employee close to the hiring process at your business. Key topics include job responsibilities and specific skills needed to fulfill them, the employment type (contract, contract-to-hire or direct hire), salary considerations, any information related to a specific project tied to the role, and more. Open-ended questions help our senior staff make sure there is strong agreement between the written job description and your company's needs.

This discussion is vital, as it provides detailed information leveraged by our recruiting team to help them home in on the best possible candidates. It's also a valuable opportunity for our experienced staff to highlight potential issues, such as a gap between desired experience and salary band expectations, that could make finding a highly effective new hire more difficult.

With your team, our senior recruiter and the larger recruiting team all on the same page, identifying candidates with the most applicable experience and talent becomes a far more achievable goal. With this structure, our recruiters can scour their talent pipelines, job board postings and other resources to identify highly relevant candidates, only passing along resumes for the best of the bunch to your company.

A high level of involvement continues through the resume review process. Senior recruiters can check in with the manager leading the hiring process to discuss candidate match, allowing for either adjustments to the process, if needed, or moving forward to interviewing candidates.

Because we develop deep knowledge of candidates during the screening process, we can help your company cut the time for HR processes related to new hires from 2-3 weeks to a matter of days. Our existing knowledge of candidates related to important factors like salaries and competencies with specific software and systems means faster onboarding.

A streamlined, faster approach to secure talent

In many industries, qualified candidates enter and leave the job market quickly. In some situations, it's only a matter of days before a candidate finds a new role. Losing the best possible contract employees and new hires to other organizations can have a chilling effect on the talent acquisition workflow and your company's operations in general. Our screening process is based in both detail and efficiency. That means finding the best possible candidates without spending substantial amounts of time on each search.

We recognize how important it is to maintain a sense of urgency in the screening process, as it's one of the keys to consistently bringing productive, knowledgeable and high-performing candidates to your company.

A commitment to recruiting as a career path

Recruiters with experience have a deeper skill set and more general awareness of the ins and outs of selecting, screening and presenting candidates to employers. They also build critical, industry-specific knowledge of company operations, common — and uncommon — roles, technologies frequently used and similarly important considerations. However, many talent acquisition businesses view recruitment as a more junior role, serving as a stepping stone to sales positions. The result of this approach is often high turnover and a lack of deep collective knowledge related to recruiting.

At Beacon Hill, we hire recruiters who want to focus on exactly that as a career path. Over time, we have developed senior recruiters across all of our specialties. These senior staff and managing consultants have the tools needed to steer your company's talent search in the best possible direction, from the first contact about hiring needs through employee onboarding.

A focus on current trends

National talent searches are growing more common as businesses expand work from home policies. Our senior recruiters play a foundational role in these efforts, using their skill and experience to draw down an especially large number of candidates into an effective pool of potential hires. Similarly, we facilitate the video interview process, allowing both candidates and your company to focus on the position offered instead of technical details.

Beacon Hill is committed to bringing highly relevant candidates to your company, from the entry level to senior roles.

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