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Learn about what we do, and how we do it, by reading our case studies.

Case Study 1 – Internal Control Framework Review

Summary: Our Client, a publicly–traded mining company, requested assistance to review their current internal control framework and provide recommendations for improvement.

Solution: Beacon Hill Financial’s Denver team secured an interim Management Consultant with over 20 years of experience in roles such as Senior Consultant and Director of Internal Controls, in addition to possessing experience with the company’s ERP software and knowledge of the industry.

Result: Our Management Consultant successfully provided a well-received review of the current internal control framework and delivered recommendations that were incorporated into our client’s process. Given the consultant’s background, support was also provided to management in the preparation of the 10Q, MD&A Reports, and the Q1 financial audit.

Case Study 2 – Process and Procedures Implementation

Summary: Our client, a contracting services company, and wholly owned sub of a NYSE company, needed to implement processes and procedures within their Accounting and Finance organization.

Solution: Beacon Hill Financial’s Denver team located and secured an interim management consultant to document every aspect of the close process including P&L and Balance Sheet.  The consultant was responsible for providing a process document for each work stream, showing the steps required to complete (e.g. source system information, files, review, validation). In addition, recommendations for process changes, system automation, and the elimination of non-value-add steps, based on experience and knowledge of accounting processes, were also part of the project.

Result: The Client was able to maintain daily operations while the management consultant implemented the documentation with little interruption to the daily business.

Case Study 3 – Direct-Hire Search for Finance Director

Summary: A contingency R&D Finance Director search for a publicly traded pharmaceutical company. The client had not had a leader in this role before and it was a crucial hire given the complexity of the R&D function. The client was looking for someone from a pharmaceutical company with a drug on the market and recent product launch experience.

Challenge: The challenge was identifying someone with a strong R&D background, but also familiar with the intricacies of a commercial product launch. In addition to the uniqueness of the candidate profile, the search was initiated by the VP of Finance who had only been with the company for 6 months and was still trying to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the finance team.

Solution: Beacon Hill worked with the CFO to launch the search and then partnered closely with the VP of Finance to create a single vision for the hire. Although we had a long standing relationship with the CFO, this was the first interaction with the VP. Understanding the search process was crucial. Once the parameters were in place for a successful search, we were able to identify five quality candidates for initial phone interviews. Candidates were then narrowed to three for in-house meetings with the entire finance team. The last step was identifying one finalist to meet with the business partners on the research and discovery team.

Result: The candidate was hired and the CFO and VP of finance were extremely happy with the caliber of candidates presented. Beacon Hill was able to establish a great relationship with the new VP of Finance; who we are currently helping to find a Finance Director for their commercial business unit.

Case Study 4 – Retained Tax Searches for Public Accounting Firm

Summary: Retained Tax searches for a Chicago-based public accounting firm. Our client was looking to partner with one search firm to identify and recruit tax talent at the senior level and above.

Challenge: The challenge was to identify someone currently in public accounting who would have an interest in moving to another public accounting firm. It is also a very competitive market for tax talent as many firms are currently hiring at this level. There are also many corporate tax opportunities in the market. Our client also needed to operate in a short-time frame to identify and hire someone before the start of busy season.

Solution: Beacon Hill worked closely with the head of recruiting to develop a recruiting strategy to identify and recruit top tax talent from other public accounting firms. Under the retainer we dedicated a team of individuals to actively target tax seniors in public accounting. We also delivered regular reporting of our efforts to the client.

Result: We successfully placed one tax senior before the start of the tax busy season. This additional hire allowed our client to operate at normal capacity, and reduced the amount of overtime hours that would have occurred if this senior was not onboard. We are continuing to work under an additional retainer for hiring in both audit and tax.

Case Study 5 – Public Accounting Firm Merger

Summary: The Managing Partner of a regional CPA firm had explored potential mergers with larger CPA firms but could not find a suitable fit.  He also wanted to retain their independence and not be a part of a national firm. He decided the best approach was to grow the firm’s practice by adding another partner with a book of business or acquiring a smaller CPA firm.

Challenge: The firm had 3 partners retiring within the next 5 years and it was important that any potential hires would not only be able to develop business and expand the practice, but would also be a fit for their culture. The challenge was to find potential candidates that were proficient in both audit and tax. In addition, their practice was focused primarily in the real estate and high net worth tax space, and potential candidates needed to have a practice that was compatible.

Solution: Beacon Hill Financial leveraged its extensive network within the public accounting space to identify potential candidates. Several candidates were put in front of the partnership group and the group eventually decided to acquire a smaller practice which added 2 partners to their partnership.

Result: The Managing Partner has been very happy with the merger and feels they are well positioned for future growth.

Case Study 6 – Variable Work Force for Financial Services Firm

Summary: Our client, a prestigious privately-held financial institution headquartered in Boston, approached us in 2012 to partner with them as one of two primary vendors to provide a contingent workforce.

Challenge: Their staff consisted of 2% contingent workers and they were hoping to increase their pool of temporary employees to 11%.

Result: Since partnering with this client, we have placed almost 200 contractors across 4 offices and, while increasing the percentage of temporary workers across the organization, we converted more than half to full-time positions within the company.

Case Study 7 – Banking Market Penetration Study and Relationship Management Search

Case Study 8 – Medical Billing Contractors Delivered Variably for Peak Times

Summary: Our Client, a pharmaceutical patient support services company located in Charlotte, NC has ongoing needs for specific projects at different times of the year. This includes both “ramping up” and “ramping down.” They look for candidates with strong medical billing and coding backgrounds who have up-to-date experience with their CPT codes and ICD9 & ICD10 codes.

Challenge:  The firm not only requires quality candidates who have strong medical billing and coding skills, but they also require a large quantity of candidates available at any given time. They need a partner that understands their business and is willing to invest the time in maintaining a large active pipeline.

Solution: Our Revenue Cycle Management team initiated a taskforce dedicated exclusively to the client; recruiting and managing qualified candidates, managing expectations for the ebb and flow of client needs, and ensuring that there were always appropriate consultants available 24/7.

Result: Beacon Hill Financial has placed over 87 qualified employees. We have become a strong strategic partner that understands the pulse of their business and has given them the continued dedicated support they require.

Case Study 9 – Urgent Need for Hospital Billing Consultants to support Client’s new Customer

Summary: Our Client, a full revenue cycle processing company for the hospital space located in Charlotte, NC, needed to increase their staff size significantly because they brought on a new large client.

Challenge: The firm was struggling to find the right talent and other staffing firms did not understand their needs fully and were struggling to deliver.

Solution: Our lead account executive within our local Revenue Cycle Management team met with the client, determined the nuance of our client’s new customer and specific requirements for resources and candidate skillsets, and partnered with our recruiting team to assemble the proper group of consultants.

Result: Beacon Hill Financial was able to place 15 revenue cycle specialists with strong medical billing, coding, insurance verification and authorization, and collections experience with a minimum of 3+ years of hospital experience. The client has continued to grow and we are continuing to support them.

Case Study 10 – Contract Staffing for Revenue Cycle Processing Company

Summary: Our Client, a full revenue cycle processing company focused within the healthcare space located in Charlotte, NC needed to top-grade some of their existing groups while also expanding the size of some of their other groups during a time of significant growth. Local staffing firms were presenting candidates that were not qualified.

Challenge: The firm has very stringent background guidelines that eliminate the majority of the candidate pool and it was a hectic time in the company’s history so a very organized process needed to be structured.

Solution: Beacon Hill Financial gained an in-depth knowledge of the client’s requirements, charged our recruiting team to engage deeply in the skillset, and constructed an integrated presentation/interview/feedback process to interview, evaluate, and onboard candidates in the most efficient way possible.

Result: We placed over 22 qualified employees with the client and have become a partner that understands their business and continues to work with them as they continue to grow.

Case Study 11 – Contract Recovery Specialists

Summary: Our client, a leasing company located in Charlotte, NC needed recovery temporary specialists who could handle heavy data analysis and data recovery to ensure correct billing.

Challenge: Our client was not only looking for specific job experience, but for the right personality and culture fit. Other firms presented candidates with the correct experience, but not with the right personality and drive.

Solution: Our account management team invested significant time interviewing client hiring managers learning about our client’s culture and the types of employees that succeeded in the environment to map out the proper personality profile. Our recruiting team sourced for skillsets but involved our account executives in the selection process to make sure that all candidates presented had both the skills required to do the job and the soft skills required to thrive in the company environment.

Result: Beacon Hill was able to find 3 candidates that had the right blend of experience. The placed employees implemented all new processes and, after 2 months of work, began training other employees to follow the new successful process. Our client has been incredibly pleased with the work ethic, intelligence, and creativity of the contractors we delivered, and we are continuing to pipeline candidates for their next need.

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