Jacob Sanders

Staffing Consultant

headshot of Jacob Sanders

DEIB Taskforce Committee Member and Staffing Consultant, BH Technologies

Mr. Sanders is a 2019 graduate and Chancellor’s scholar of the University of Wisconsin-Madison who double majored in marketing and entrepreneurship before starting as a Staffing Consultant at Beacon Hill’s Milwaukee Tech branch. During his time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he formed his own LLC and that work ethic has carried over an aspect of entrepreneurship to his work here at Beacon Hill. Throughout the first year of his career, he has not only accustomed himself to the nuances of the staffing and IT world, but he has achieved success as shown by his Rookie Club accolade. Mr. Sanders was born and raised in Milwaukee and working at the Milwaukee Tech branch has allowed him to serve the community he calls home. Outside of work, he has been passionate about helping the community and has spent time working in Milwaukee Public Schools and the Milwaukee Boys and Girls Club. Mr. Sanders is using his voice within Beacon Hill to help facilitate change both internally, at Beacon Hill and in the Milwaukee community he grew up in.

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