5 daily habits to make you more productive

When it comes down to it, your habits are a large part of your life. When you form good habits, your life gradually improves. When you drink more water and get plenty of sleep every day, you have more energy. The same principle is true of habits related to your career.

If you feel stuck in your current position or you're actively looking for new work opportunities, productive habits can help you lead the kind of life you always wanted. For example, if you studied or practiced a new skill for just four hours per week, you'd accumulate over 200 hours of practice over a year. That could be enough to qualify you for a more senior position, or even a fresh career path.

Building strong habits

When you start building good habits, it's easy to get carried away. Maybe you've been feeling like you haven't put enough effort toward reaching your goals. So you decide to start exercising more, eating healthier, reading more books and volunteering for tougher work assignments. Chances are, you'll quickly become overwhelmed.

Remember, building habits is more like running a marathon than a 200-meter dash. Start with one habit, and work on maintaining it for a month or two. When it feels like second nature, or when it feels wrong not to do the habit, you can add another one. If you're ready to get started, consider one of the productivity habits from our infographic below: