District of Columbia a great place to work for millennials

The District of Columbia is highlighted by Forbes as one of the best cities for millennials to live in, and for good reason.

Finding the right job falls hand-in-hand with living in the right city. Rent has to be manageable, opportunities have to be available and the area needs to feel safe and comfortable. The District of Columbia is highlighted by Forbes as one of the best cities for millennials to live in, and for good reason.

What's so special about D.C.
Washington, D.C., is well-known for being the capital of the United States, but stands to offer so much more. The city is steeped in history and tourists often visit. Those who move there will have a ton on their plate for the first few months as they venture out and explore what's around them. The White House, Washington Monument, National Air and Space Museum, the United States Capitol and a number of memorials top the list as must-see places to visit.

If tourist attractions aren't of interest, the city boasts a strong sports fan base, a massive mall in Tyson's Corner, and a number of bars and nightclubs. Average rent in D.C. falls right around $1,242 a month, according to Forbes. This is manageable compared to places like Cambridge, Massachusetts, at $1,612, and Manhattan, New York, at $1,442 - which make up the top two on Forbes' list.

D.C. has a large number of millennials living in the city, with 21.5 percent of the population composed of those ages 25-34. While those who are older may also find this city to be welcoming, it's an area that seems to be on the rise and young people are flocking.

"D.C. is a fantastic city for millennials to jumpstart their careers," says Kristen Freeman Johnson, Division Director of Beacon Hill Associates in Washington, D.C. "There are endless internship opportunities available for more recent college graduates, which can prove to be a wonderful learning opportunity while continuing a full-time job search. The market for entry- and mid-level staff has been steadily growing this year, across all industries in D.C., including trade associations, nonprofit, real estate, consulting, and more!"

Washington D.C. can be a tourist hot spot, but also a great place for millennials to live.

Breaking down the numbers
D.C. employs 360,800 people currently, while holding a slightly higher unemployment rate (6.7 percent) than the national average (5 percent), according to the Bureau of Labor Services.

Not surprising, D.C.'s biggest sector is government, with 235,300 employed, according to the BLS. The industry is relatively stable within the economy as it has only experienced a 0.4 percent change since 2014. With its status as a sort of government Mecca for the U.S., it's easy to see why this area of employment is thriving.

It is the strength of the government sector that makes it particularly attractive to young job seekers. "Although D.C. already has a relatively low unemployment rate, we see even more opportunities for skilled workers possessing active security clearances," says Steve Broadman, Beacon Hill Staffing Group's Division Director of Government Services. "Most of the employers seeking to hire millennials that fit this category find it very competitive, with most skilled candidates fielding several great job offers anytime they are looking for a new role."

Professional and business services compose the second largest industry in the city, accounting for 162,000 employees, the BLS observed. In addition, this sector has seen some modest recent growth, expanding by 2 percent since 2014.

Education and health services round out the big three, and account for 131,900 of the people working in D.C, the BLS pointed out. This sector has seen the most growth in the last year, with a 3.8 percent change in that time period.

While none of these industries are putting up jobs at rates compared to Houston, Texas, or Seattle, Washington, the city provides a number of opportunities for a younger generation. It's sometimes hard to find a city with ample job opportunity that is also great to live in, but D.C. is well on its way to becoming a hotspot.

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