Scam alert

Is a job posting I saw online legit?

Dear Beacon Hill community,

We are saddened to be alerting our community to a person or persons that are impersonating Beacon Hill employees and offering jobs in an attempt to collect personal information from job seekers.

As such, we want you to know that, when contacting you, our recruiters will:

  • NEVER ask for any protected information (i.e. age, gender, etc.)
  • When reaching out via email, ALWAYS contact you from an email with a Beacon Hill domain – “” or “”. Please pay close attention to this, as scammers will try to use addresses that closely resemble official domains (i.e. “”)
  • NEVER ask for personal information over an informal channel, such as text or Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp or Telegram Messenger
  • NEVER ask you to buy a gift card

Your recruiter may text (SMS) with you but expect that this would only happen when you have an established relationship with your recruiter (e.g., you have had an initial phone and/or video calls, etc.). If you are skeptical of a text message (e.g., are asked to fill out a form via a link) please contact your recruiter at their verified Beacon Hill email address or email [email protected] so that we may assist.

If you believe you have been in contact with someone that falsely represented themselves as a Beacon Hill employee, please contact us immediately. We are coordinating with authorities to address this serious concern.

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