Philadelphia, PA Review Center

Designed for comfort. Inspired by reviewers.

Located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia, our document review space is ideally located for clients throughout greater Philadelphia. Walkable from the 30th Street Amtrak station, with easy access to all public transportation and close to numerous parking garages, the center is convenient for anyone.

Our 4,577 square-foot review space seats up to 74 reviewers and comes with a kitchen and lunchroom in the suite. There is also a Starbucks in the building, in addition to a number of excellent Center City restaurants in the immediate area.

With all document review projects, data security is of the utmost importance. That is why we have instituted best-in-class data security procedures at each of our review centers, including:

  • Access badges for each reviewer and BHSG employee that can be remotely deactivated at any time
  • 24/7 building security
  • Limited web access for contractors, ensuring only mission critical sites are visited
  • Locked USB ports and CD/DVD drives to prevent portable storage devices from being inserted
  • Printing capabilities are restricted
  • Computers set up with unique login, password-protected Windows and Admin accounts
  • Computers programmed to sleep and password lock after 20 minutes of inactivity
  • Email accounts are set up with unique, project-specific and password-protected Outlook accounts
  • Email is accessible only at contractors' workstations and options to download are limited to only those with proper login credentials
  • Accounts cannot be carried over and are permanently deleted after project completion
  • Beacon Hill collaborates with clients to determine which domains contractors can email
  • All computer data is wiped after project completion

No matter your needs, Beacon Hill can provide a space to accommodate any project. A Beacon Hill employee will always be onsite to provide project management and oversight, as well as be a liaison for any client needs.

To request an onsite or virtual tour, please visit our locations page and contact us via phone or email.

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