Managed Review Services (MRS)

Beacon Hill Legal’s proprietary and exclusive managed review program streamlines the entire managed review experience by providing review costs that clients can anticipate, a process that is clear and straightforward, technology that doesn’t depend on one tool, and the most advanced review techniques.

We Offer

Managed Review, Staffing, Multilingual Services, and Onshoring with pricing models from hourly and blended rates to per document rates and flat fee bundled pricing options.

Proprietary Technology & Client Dashboard

Our MRS proprietary technology (MRSQuant™) delivers customized reporting to clients with our exclusive web-based client portal and customizable dashboard. Visit our dedicated page to learn more about MRSQuant™.

  • Platform Agnostic
  • Customizable to specific project needs
  • Accessible on both desktops and mobile devices
  • Ability to access historical metrics across all client matters
  • User-friendly and intuitive dashboard which provides high level review metrics at a glance
  • Helps to maximize efficiencies by identifying document characteristics, custodian detail, accuracy rates and reviewer productivity in real time

Project Managers

Engage in active management and serve as your main point of contact overseeing the process from start to finish, providing proactive feedback, ideas and solutions ensuring the review is completed efficiently and accurately.

  • Design Efficient Review Workflows/Process
  • Discovery Playbooks
  • Budget and Productivity Reporting
  • Review Team Training and QC Protocols
  • Active Management of Review Teams

Supported by project coordinators, assigned exclusively to your matter, and dedicated quality control managers who QC documents based on pre-determined QC protocols.

  • Substantive and Privilege QC Privilege Logs
  • Redactions
  • Deposition Review Prep

First Pass Reviewers

Undergo substantive case training and undergo rigorous QC to ensure accuracy. All reviewers are trained document review attorneys with industry experience. First level review for responsive or relevance. First level review for privilege Staffing.


Our review teams consist of trained document review attorneys with industry experience and in-depth knowledge of basic relevance and issue coding, offering sub-specialties including multilingual reviewers.

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