Bob Witherel

Senior Manager NSA Delivery

headshot of Bob Witherel

Responsible for leading delivery on key, national strategic accounts, Mr. Witherel brings passion, community, and success to the management of the National Strategic Accounts Team. With more than 8 years of proven strategic & technical staffing experience, Mr. Witherel demonstrates dedication to both internal team members and external customers alike. Driven by the success of his team, supporting departments, and clients, Mr. Witherel continues to drive priority, delivery-focused, business goals & scale through robust goal attainment and application.

Mr. Witherel continues to be a passionate leader in his local community, serving as head coach in his local youth football league and as a Captain in the All Pro Dad’s Mooresville Chapter. Mr. Witherel has led a plethora of key initiatives throughout his career and strives to continue to do so with grace, commitment, and integrity.

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