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Beacon Hill HCaaS®

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The perfect storm of COVID19, Technology & Disruptive Innovation and Talent Shortages, has created a need for organizations to address Human Capital in novel ways in order to keep competitive in the market.

Human capital is what drives innovation.

Products are being pushed out quicker than before in agile ways. Technology incubators are disrupting industries. There are more jobs than before, and yet there is a significant talent shortage namely within the technology sector.

Beacon Hill HCaaS®

The Beacon Hill HCaaS® delivery model helps organizations develop the right talent strategies for the short term and long term.

We take a holistic and customized approach in delivering talent and workforce solutions specifically for the needs of our customers.

Traditional workforce planning models through outsourcing, contingent workforce programs and internal programs need to be addressed in novel ways in order to stay relevant in today’s market. Organizations that are best able to attract, develop, adapt, and move quickly as well as retain talent (whether consulting through full-time employees) are weathering the storm the best.

Resource quality is significantly more important than ever before in an Agile environment. This coupled with talent shortages means it's important to get the correct resources in place, keep them engaged, long-term human capital plan, and have succession plans in place in the event of unforeseen changes in various sprints and iterations or attrition. In order to keep talent engaged and to maximize cost efficiency, it is important to select the correct resource teams that play to the capabilities of each individual.

Integrated Delivery Model

Service offerings include, but are not limited to:

Resource planning based upon project needs

  • Short Term Needs
    • Identifying which work should be outsourced, co-managed, contingent workforce
    • “Stop the bleeding”
    • Focus on essential work and reduce involvement with workforce mundane tasks
  • Medium Term Needs
    • Project completion and resourcing needs
    • Adaptable and flexible resourcing to accept change as shifts occur through various sprints and iteration
    • Resource planning
    • Succession planning
    • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Long Term needs
    • Assessments on current workforce and plan for longevity
    • Risk assessment upon dependencies with outsourcing and vendor partners and mitigation plans
    • Emerging talent and development
    • Engagement and retention

Workforce Planning and Assessments

  • Sprint planning
  • Support organization's strategic plans – redeployment
  • Risk mitigation and plans
    • Unplanned attrition
    • Internal talent shortage
    • Intellectual property dependency on outside partners

Beacon Hill leverages a “best available/best fit” approach to resource selection versus a “first available.”

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