4 Questions You May Be Asked in a Paralegal Job Interview

Paralegals are invaluable to the success of any law firm. They do much of the legwork that makes lawyers effective at their jobs. According to the American Association for Paralegal Education, job duties of the position typically include tasks that, in the absence of a paralegal, would be performed by an attorney. However, attorney's rarely have the resources to complete these tasks on their own. Therefore, paralegals must be perceptive, skilled and qualified.

When you prepare for your job interview for a paralegal position, you'll want to focus on your knowledge of the law and the interpersonal skills that make you an effective team player.

Preparing for your paralegal interview

In a paralegal interview, you'll be asked about your personal aspirations, legal knowledge and critical thinking skills. Your future employers need to see that you're educated on a variety of legal topics, and they'll want you to explain your research methods. Every case has its own peculiarities, so a cookie-cutter approach to research won't get you very far.

Expect to field questions about current legal topics in the news. Employers want to see that you are actively engaged in your profession, even if you aren't currently working. If you recently graduated from school, prepare to talk about your studies and which topics interest you the most. If you seem disinterested or out of the loop, it'll hurt your chances of getting hired.

One of the best ways to prepare for your interview is to meet with an expert recruiter who has a network of contacts in the legal field. He or she can help you practice for your upcoming interviews and fine-tune your answers.