4 revealing interview questions to ask millennials

If you find that your standard interview questions aren't as effective with millennial workers, here are four additional questions that you may want to add into the mix.

As more millennials enter the workforce, hiring managers will be forced to tailor their interview tactics to get the most information out of these unique candidates. After all, the same questions that reveal useful characteristics about baby boomers will not necessarily highlight the strengths and weaknesses of their younger counterparts.

If you find that your standard interview questions aren't as effective with this up-and-coming generation of workers, here are four additional questions that you may want to add into the mix.

"Get insight into how young professionals view themselves."

1. What TV character describes your work ethic and why?
This question is perfect for young professionals because they won't have a rehearsed answer ready and they'll need to think on their feet. Their answer will likely give you some insight into how they view themselves, whether it's as a leader, a team member or a lone wolf. Just be sure to have a pencil ready in case you're not familiar with the character the candidate names. This way, you can jot it down and do some research later.

2. What would you do if all forms of technology - computers, Internet and phones - were down when you arrived at work in the morning?
The latest generation of college graduates are notoriously reliant on technology. If they have a question, they simply whip out their smartphones and head online to find the answer. This question will help you to figure out whether the candidates you're talking to are overly attached to their electronics. When you're listening to the answers, note how taken aback they seem and if they manage to come up with an acceptable solution to the problem.

3. To what do you attribute your success to date?
This is a good follow up question if you ask interviewees about their past accomplishments. Some people view millennials as self-centered, and this query can provide insight into whether your candidate gives credit to others or is egocentric in his or her successes. Plus, digging deeper into a person's accomplishments can give you insight into his or her ambitions and motivations.

Ask young job seekers about their career aspirations.

4. What's your dream job?
If this question is already in your arsenal, you probably know how effective it can be. The inquiry works across all industries, from finance to marketing and everything in between. It's valuable because it shows whether the candidate is ambitious, passionate and honest. Job seekers with impressive goals will often work hard to advance themselves and their companies.

The honesty portion comes into play because chances are that a recent college graduate isn't hoping to stay in an entry-level job for his or her whole career. Be wary if individuals name the current low-level position as their dream job - this usually means they're just telling you what they think you want to hear, and this could lead to other dishonest answers throughout the interview.

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