Atlanta, Georgia boasts quiet but potent economy

The home of southern hospitality has quietly produced one of the world's best economies over the last two decades.

The home of southern hospitality has quietly produced one of the world's best economies over the last two decades. After laying claim to the 1996 Summer Olympics, Atlanta, Georgia transformed from a troubled urban area to a rich, diverse metropolitan center.

Those looking for a job needn't search any further - warm weather, opportunities and excellent culture awaits down south.

A-Plus for the ATL
Atlanta has a healthy population of around 455,000, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. The city's refocused efforts of improving living conditions have meshed well with the state's overall growth of around 4 million since 1990 - or around the same time the 1996 Summer Olympics destination was confirmed.

The city has an average yearly temperature of 61 degrees Fahrenheit, with an annual average high of 70 degrees and an average low of 53 degrees. Overall, Atlanta is pretty warm day-to-day, which makes it a perfect destination for weekend activities. Residents are able to catch a sports game with one of their three major sports teams - the National Basketball Association's Atlanta Hawks, the National Football League's Atlanta Falcons and Major League Baseball's Atlanta Braves.

Those who aren't fans of sports have nearly unlimited access to culture, history and nightlife. The Centennial Olympic Park is a popular attraction, as well as the expanding High Museum of Art, the Georgia Aquarium, the Children's Museum of Atlanta and the Georgia State Capitol. The World of Coca-Cola provides a unique attraction right next to the Olympic Park, and no Atlanta visit is complete without a trip to Zoo Atlanta, home to over 1,500 animals. Someone in search of nightlife will find an amazing variety of clubs and bars in midtown and the area surrounding Georgia Tech University.

Atlanta has one of the largest GDPs in the United States.

Job Market on Fire in Hotlanta
In recent years Atlanta has become a mecca for the film industry. According to WSBTV, around 250 film projects began in the city in 2015. "We've seen a huge positive shift in employment with the filming industry staking its claim on the South," says Trish Kellogg, Division Manager of Beacon Hill Associates in Atlanta. However, the ATL's economic resurgence is attributable to much more than its emergent motion picture empire. Ms. Kellogg explains, "Atlanta's job market has improved dramatically over the last two years due to increased job opportunities across the board, decreased unemployment, and companies deciding to move their headquarters here – with Porsche and Mercedes-Benz some of the most recent newcomers."

With 2.83 million employed Atlantans, the city is home to a litany of burgeoning industries:

  • The city's unemployment rate dropped down to 4.9 percent at the end of 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.
  • Around 600,000 work in the trade, transportation and utilities industry, which has a modest new job growth rate of 2.9 percent.
  • Almost 500,000 find employment in the business and professional services sector. In 2015, jobs increased by 5.1 percent.
  • Nearly 335,000 are employed by the government, which has a healthy 2 percent growth rate.
  • Roughly 320,000 work in the education and health services field, which grew at 2.6 percent in 2015.

"I am very excited that the Atlanta job market is booming," comments Travis Reding, Regional Vice President of Beacon Hill Technologies. Mr. Reding is responsible for directing Beacon Hill Technologies throughout the Southern United States, and is especially excited about what he is seeing in The Big Peach. "Because demand is so high for IT talent, job seekers are in a terrific situation and clients are in high demand for our services."

There are ample opportunities available in Atlanta, which has a larger gross domestic product than the entire country of Ireland, according to Business Insider. Those who take advantage now will reap the rewards when all is said and done.

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