Denver, Colorado: Employment gains shine in Midwest

Denver, Colorado, finished 2015 ahead in nearly every measurable economic category in relation to the United States on average.

Denver, Colorado, finished 2015 ahead in nearly every measurable economic category in relation to the United States on average. In November 2015, the city reported a 3.2 percent unemployment rate - well below the nation's 5 percent average. Job opportunities abound for seekers, but those who make the move will have to get used to snow.

The Mile High City is on Cloud Nine
Denver sits a mile above sea level, which gives the city its nationally recognized nickname. Citizens experience a wide range of temperatures during the four seasons, with the annual high around 64 degrees Fahrenheit and the low clocking in at 36 degrees. Snowboarders and skiers rejoice during the wintry months, as the area experiences on average 55 inches of snow fall a year, US Climate Data reported.

Denver boasts a 3.2% unemployment rate.

According to 2014 census estimates, Denver county has a population of around 664,000. Approximately 11 percent of the population is over 65 years of age, while 21 percent are under 18 years old. The relative youth of the region lends itself to a plethora of activity and events available to residents who just clocked out of work. The city is home to five professional sports teams - the Denver Broncos and Nuggets, as well as the Colorado Avalanche, Rockies and Rapids. Each of them have their own field, guaranteeing that at least one event will be on during every weekend.

Those who aren't crazy about sports can visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Downtown Aquarium, the Denver Zoo or Dinosaur Ridge, where you have a chance to hike and see fossils. Though it is one of the smaller major metropolitan areas in the U.S., the possibilities for fun and relaxation are nearly endless.

Denver's economy is far from Rocky
Denver's unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the country, despite employing nearly 1.5 million workers in the Denver-Aurora-Broomfield area, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As of November 2015, the city has seen modest to explosive growth in every sector besides the information industry, which struggled mightily to maintain a positive gain rate for employment.

  • The mining, logging and construction industry is vital to Denver's economy, as it accounts for 102,500 workers. The area maintained nearly 9 percent growth in added jobs toward the end of 2015.
  • The trade, transportation and utilities market employs 257,000, and flirted with 1-2 percent growth rates in created jobs during 2015. The final mark, though, pegged it at just 0.4 percent growth in the industry.
  • Professional and business services seems to be its strongest area to work in. Despite employing 247,000 in Nov. 2015, the industry maintained a steady job growth rate of 1.6 percent. It's growing just enough that jobs are being added, and companies are staving off layoffs.
  • The government sector adds 197,000 jobs to the economy and experiences healthy gains in employment. The last month available from the BLS reported 2.2 percent growth in job creation.

"Denver is noted for its rapid growth and thriving local economy," commented Mike Bates, Division Director of Beacon Hill Technologies in Denver. "The trend in transplants migrating to the Mile High City is a strong indicator of the allure that many discovered years prior. Denver, once again, has outpaced the nation in job growth and continues to represent an extremely low unemployment rate at 3.2%. Denver will remain a desired destination for years to come."

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