BH Legal® Case Study

Direct Hire Support Search: Paralegal Needed for Commercial Real Estate Client

Our Client, a large Atlanta Commercial Real Estate organization, was looking for a paralegal for a newly created position.


There were a lot of challenges here. The client did not have specifics of what they were looking for but knew that they wanted to hire someone with corporate and commercial real estate experience. More importantly, they needed someone who could help them define what they needed in this role, meaning they would need someone who had the experience to know what a corporate paralegal really could do. This was an important case because it was a new client, as well as a growing and successful company with potential future needs.


We identified a fabulous candidate through LinkedIn who was with a corporation that was being acquired and was unsure about how her position would be structured after the acquisition. Our client met with her several times and knew that she not only had the hard skills and experience they were looking for, but also had the entrepreneurial spirit they needed in this role, meaning they had found someone who understood the vision of the company and had a “roll up your sleeves and get to work” type of personality, not someone who needed day to day direction.

The Results

Beacon Hill Legal recently followed up with the client, and received positive feedback and reassurance that this was a great match! The client is very happy with the candidate and the president of the company told HR what a great hire she was.