BH Legal® Case Study

Enhancing Legal Staffing & Building Trusted Partnerships​


Our client, an American 501(c)(3) certifying and standards-setting organization that oversees the Certified Financial Planner certification program in the United States, required investigators to carry out their background check processes, and they sought highly skilled attorneys to enforce best practices. Given the unique nature of the attorney's role, a deep understanding of the client's mission and skillsets directly aligned with the position were crucial.​


As a non-profit organization, our client had specific budgetary constraints. They engaged Beacon Hill Legal through one of our divisions in our group, Beacon Hill Associates, with whom they had been collaborating since May 2017. ​

To fulfill their needs within the defined parameters, we engaged in extensive discussions to explore the role's responsibilities and project details, and we collaborated with the General Counsel to gain another perspective. We learned of the importance of candidates possessing knowledge of securities and financial regulatory law, along with adherence to our client's ethics code. ​

Leveraging the information gathered, we shared comprehensive details with our local recruiters. During the recruitment process, we conducted thorough analyses of resumes and work histories, followed by detailed interviews where candidates were asked to provide specific examples of their expertise, as well as demonstrate their understanding of our client's mission, which is centered on ethical practices. Our legal recruiting team took a creative approach to achieve the client’s cost expectations by presenting qualified law school graduates who still met their qualification requirements.​

The Results

We have become the primary vendor for legal roles within our client's organization. Through our tailored approach, deep understanding of our client's mission, and meticulous selection process, we have successfully enhanced our client's legal staffing needs to align with their mission and ethical practices. Our commitment to delivering high-quality candidates within the defined budgetary framework has resulted in a strong and trusted partnership. As our client's preferred legal staffing provider, we look forward to continued collaboration and expanding our services to meet their evolving needs, while maintaining the satisfaction of both our client and the exceptional legal professionals we place.​

Currently, we are conducting a search for a new Assistant General Counsel, which further highlights the expanded scope of our partnership, moving from investigations support positions to direct placements for senior roles. This progression is a testament to the confidence our client has in us. We have successfully and continually identified exceptional candidates within the securities and regulatory legal field to meet their unique needs.​

Additionally, our client continues to engage our partner divisions, Beacon Hill Associates and Beacon Hill Financial, to fulfill their administrative and financial staffing needs. Our client's satisfaction with our company's services is evident, and our candidates are equally pleased with their positions. Our client has developed a deep-seeded trust in us and regularly reengages us for their new legal staffing requirements.