How to get into recruiting as a new graduate

Whether you've considered talent acquisition before or this is your first time thinking about it, we're here to explain how to get into recruiting as a new grad.

Are you in your last few years of school? Did you graduate a year or two ago and are feeling a bit lost? Either way, it's all right. There's a path for you, even if it's one you've never considered before.

Whether you've thought about entering the world of talent acquisition previously or this is your first time hearing about the possibility, we're here to tell you how to get into recruiting as a new graduate.

The recruitment landscape

Talent acquisition is a top option for a strong, post-graduate career. However, there are certain majors that may be better suited to the field than others. The LinkedIn Talent Blog put forward data that shows psychology, business, marketing, human resources and sociology are the most common majors that end up in getting into recruitment.

There is also a correlation to past job experience as well. Per the same LinkedIn Talent Blog, past jobs that translate to becoming a recruiter include sales, operations, administrative, support and research.

If you majored or have experience in any of the areas above, you may already be ahead of other candidates if you want to be a recruiter.

If you're still on a college campus ...

Being an active student means that you have access to certain events and options that recent graduates might not have. Here are our recommendations that can help you make the most of your time on your campus.

  • Go to on-campus events – At Beacon Hill, we routinely recruit for our own talent acquisition team through campus recruiting events. We're sure that other companies do so as well. Networking with potential employers before you graduate can ensure a strong future in advance of your departure from academia.
  • Talk to your academic advisor – Your advisor's job is to give you feedback about classes, career paths and moves. Why not ask them whether recruitment could be a good fit for you? They know you well and can help you get where you want to go career-wise.
  • Complete an internship – Trying out something in advance of fully investing is always a good choice. If you are at all interested in recruitment, try to find an internship in the space and get real-world experience.
  • Highlight your extracurriculars – If you've played sports or enjoyed Greek life during your college years, make sure to tell campus recruiters about it. Often times recruiters look for people who have done one or both because it means that they have already been part of a team and that they are outgoing and competitive. All of those things translate to recruitment success!

If you've recently graduated ...

It's easy to feel a bit untethered once you leave the safety of your college campus, but there are still plenty of ways that you can earn a spot in recruiting post-grad.

  • Connect with a recruiter – No one knows how to guide your talent acquisition career better than a recruiter who's already in the industry. If there's a match for you, they'll be happy to help you find it!
  • Apply for an entry-level recruitment job – It's as simple as clicking "Apply Now!" What do you have to lose?
  • Find a mentor – If there's someone in the hiring sector that you want to emulate, ask them if they would consider mentoring you. Having someone to ask questions to can be a big help when you're trying to move toward a career in recruiting.

No matter who you are

Whether you're about to graduate or have been off campus for a bit, you can do all of these things to increase your chances of getting into recruitment.

  • Leverage your soft skills including:

    • Communication
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Being a team player
    • Having a growth mindset
    • Being receptive to feedback
    • Adaptability
    • Active listening
    • Work ethic
    • Curiosity
    • Innovation
    • Speed
    • Vulnerability

  • Highlight your transferrable skills like:

    • Strong communication
    • Ability to market and sell
    • Motivation and resilience
    • IT and social media proficiency
    • Time management
    • Relationship-building

  • Network, network, network. Everyone is a potential connection.

  • Consider pivoting – Take the time to think about how you might make a logical pivot from your current major or role to one in recruitment (think sales to sourcing).

  • Learn the difference between Agency and Corporate recruitmentRecruitment isn't a one-size-fits-all career. Do your research and choose which resonates best with you.

Recruiting careers at Beacon Hill

Recruitment careers at Beacon Hill can offer you:

  • Limitless opportunities to grow
  • Comprehensive benefits
  • An inclusive community
  • A fantastic workplace culture

And we have several different types of roles available including:

  • Staffing Consultant – Find, interview and qualify job seekers for temporary/contract roles with companies and organizations in your local market.
  • Account Executive – Identify and develop relationships with businesses and organizations that would benefit from and utilize our temporary staffing services.
  • Associate Consultant – Find, interview and qualify job seekers for permanent roles with companies and organizations in your local market.

These, and other more advanced openings, are available here. Not seeing something you want to apply for? Sign up for Beacon Hill's job alerts and be the first to know when a new position has been posted.

Beacon Hill can be the place where you start a long-term, rewarding career. If you're interested, submit your resume or plan to meet one of our recruiters on a campus near you. We can't wait to talk to you.

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