How to know if you should move to a new city for a job

If you’re thinking about moving for a new job, consider these points.

Whether you're looking for work in another city, or you've received an offer to relocate to another office with your current employer, there's one question you have to ask yourself: Am I prepared to make a significant change in my life?

"We see candidates move to Indianapolis for various reasons, such as family ties, lower cost of living, or our growing tech community," says Kristen Rodriguez, Senior Recruiting Manager for Beacon Hill's Technologies Division in Indianapolis. "We want candidates to be sure of their interest in the city before submitting their resume, so research on the area is important to ensure Indianapolis is a desired destination. Once an applicant decides on city preference, engaging with a local recruiter can help navigate the job landscape. Every market is different, so having a recruiter on your side who is familiar with their city can help provide local job market information and also leverage relationships to find positions you are targeting."

Moving to another city or state is a decision that will impact almost every aspect of your life. For many, the change that comes with moving is too much to deal with. For others, it represents an opportunity for a better life. According to an Allied survey of 3,500 employees, the most common reason for relocating is to earn more money or advance along a desired career path.

If you're thinking about moving for a new job, consider these points:

How will this decision impact your long-term career goals?

Before making the decision to pack up your things and move to a new city, it's important to be sure that this will have a positive impact on your career. If you have already received an offer, consider it carefully - will you have more opportunities to learn new skills, gain valuable experience and make new professional connections? These aspects of the job are just as important as its daily responsibilities.

Make sure you're able to cover moving costs.

Are you willing to leave your social circle?

When you move away from your current home, you will inevitably lose connections with your social circle. Staying in touch with your friends through online communication can make the transition easier, but can be difficult to maintain long-term.

Are you the type of person who can go out and make new friends, or do you struggle to make connections? Making a plan to socialize, such as joining a club or volunteer organization can help you through this transition.

Will you be able to cover moving expenses?

Though a new employer may offer you compensation for moving expenses, it's not very common. Unless you are applying to senior or executive positions, you may struggle to find an employer who is willing to pay for relocation costs.

Do your research to see how much it will cost to move to your new destination. In addition to transportation costs, you may also need to consider other expenses such as realtor fees if you are selling a house. If you currently rent, you may need to find a subletter.

What is your motivation?

You shouldn't expect moving to a new city to be the instantaneous solution for the challenges you are facing. You should consider what's causing unhappiness with your current situation. If you're leaving one job for a similar position in another city, will you run into the same problems? Do you really need to move cities, or do you need to find another employer in your current city? Talking this over with your loved ones and friends can give you much need perspective.

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