Land that Ideal Candidate with Better Recruiting in 2016

Large application pools don't always translate to more top talent. Understanding the field is key - a LinkedIn poll found 77 percent of recruiters are more efficient at finding quality hires if they know who's out there. If you think your company isn't reaching enough qualified candidates with your job listings, consider trying these methods to give your recruiting tactics a boost.

Use the right bait

A well-worded job description can attract preferred candidates. Use the opportunity to paint a picture of the company's culture and highlight the skills a qualified candidate possesses. Consult Google's Keyword Planner for assistance on the right keywords to use.

Upward mobility

Smartphones are ubiquitous in our culture and you need to account for them. A study found that 89 percent of job seekers use a mobile device to conduct at least part of their job search. Ensure your company's website is optimized for tablets, smartphones and any other types of mobile devices that could be used to access it.

Become data savvy

We live in the age of big data and smart data, yet 75 percent of recruiters fail to use available data on applicants. Utilizing an applicant tracking system can give insights on application information and point to which candidates are most qualified for the job.

Cast your net(work)

The most successful recruiters use their social network to create a community of qualified candidates. Talk to current employees and even past candidates who may have opted for employment elsewhere to gain feedback and leads on applicants.

Get social

Spend time studying the candidate's digital footprint by surveying their professional social networks, social media websites and personal websites. This can further help weed out the bad candidates from the great ones.

Put your best foot forward

Millennials trust user-generated content 50 percent more than branded content. Consider using video in the recruiting process and make sure the information on your company's website is informative and up to date.


Engage with post-interview candidates through emails and phone calls to make sure you don't lose them to a better offer from another company.

Implement these methods in 2016 to refine your recruiting process and land the ideal candidate for your company.