New Year's resolutions for your business

Even if you had an excellent year, there's always room for improvement.

Now that the calendar has turned over to 2016, we all will most likely be hearing a familiar phrase - "New year, new you." People all over the country are making their New Year's resolutions, and you and your business should be doing the same.

Even if you had an excellent year, there's always room for improvement, either in terms of raising revenue, improving company culture, or refining and streamlining operations. Your specific goals will depend on you and your company, but as you're putting your list together, here are some common resolutions for businesses to help them grow.

Develop a new skill
Self-improvement is the whole point of New Year's resolutions, and what better way to chase that goal than by learning a new skill? Even managers and executives have room for growth. Perhaps you want to focus on improving manager-employee relations, in which case you may resolve to create additional training for your management team. In the quickly changing world of health care for small businesses, having an understanding of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - and how it affects you as a business - can help you save money and reduce headaches.

Or, better yet, why not apply this resolution to your whole company? Just like your managers and employees need to update their skill sets, so too does the way in which your company operates need a facelift to keep up with changing trends and technologies. The explosion of cloud-based apps for businesses and software-as-a-service (SaaS) packages have carved out whole new ways for executives to track employee performance, update personnel data and analyze company trends. The start of a new year is the perfect time to finally take the plunge and invest in that new operations technology.

Social media is the future of marketing - is your business prepared?

Use more social media
Despite the fact that the benefits of using social media for business are numerous, many platforms have been slow to take off for companies - a real shame, considering how big a boost you can give to your online branding through Facebook and Twitter.

Social media isn't just about expanding your customer base, either. The platform is becoming increasingly popular among job-seekers as a means of scouting out potential positions and even contacting recruiters. If you're smart, you can plan a social media strategy that addresses both of these points and reap double the benefits. Not only will taking your brand online help expand brand awareness, but you're also opening a door to some of the newest and best talent in your industry.

"The Internet has done strange and wonderful things to small-business marketing."

Try new things
Many people use their New Year's resolutions as motivations to finally try something new that they've been on the fence about for a while. This may seem like a bad idea in business, where minimizing risk is so often the order of the day, but don't turn yourself off to exploring new avenues without first considering the possibilities.

Business trends are constantly changing, which means not only is it recommended that you switch up your strategy, it may actually be necessary. The Internet has done strange and wonderful things to the idea of small-business marketing. Entirely new branches of marketing have emerged in just the past couple of years, such as content marketing and social media marketing. Forbes reported that as of 2014, 93 percent of marketers were experimenting with content marketing, for example. If you take a proactive approach, you may even be able to position your company to get ahead of the competition.

As an executive, you want to spend your time refining your business strategy rather than tripping over paperwork and administrative minutiae. Another new initiative you may want to consider in the new year is working with a staffing agency. These companies can manage recruiting, hiring and even payroll for you, leaving you free to manage the elements of your business that really matter to you.

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