Your top Beacon Hill hiring questions answered

Come along as we do a deep dive into Beacon Hill's most frequently asked hiring questions and search queries so you can advance your career.

When it comes to finding a job, and moreover finding a staffing firm that can help you find the right role, there are a lot of questions.

While we routinely create educational content to help job seekers, in this article we're taking it one step further. Come along as we do a deep dive into our most frequently asked hiring questions and search queries to make sure you have all the information you need to take the next step in your career.

Starting a career in talent acquisition

What roles are available in recruitment?

From administrative ones to positions that are in the active recruitment sector, there are many possibilities for those who want to help others find a fulfilling position. Some include Hiring Manager, Sourcer, Recruitment Manager, Technical Recruiter, Recruiting Coordinator, Campus Recruiter and Executive Recruiter.

At Beacon Hill, we frequently recruit internally for roles like Staffing Consultant, Account Executive and Associate Consultant. Here's what they do!

Staffing Consultants find, interview, and qualify great candidates for contract roles.

Associate Consultants find, interview and qualify job seekers for permanent roles with companies and organizations in your local market.

Account Executives identify and develop relationships with businesses and organizations that would benefit from and utilize our staffing services.

Want one of these positions? Learn more and apply here


How do I get into recruiting?

Unsurprisingly, we at Beacon Hill know a lot about how professionals can get into recruiting. We've written extensively on the subject, but as a reminder we have outlined both strategies for new graduates and ones for anyone who has a passion for talent acquisition on our blog. Good luck!


Types of hiring

Although Retained Search and Staff Augmentation are Beacon Hill's most searched-for varieties of hiring, there are more! Others include Contract to Hire, Direct Hire and Executive Search. Candidates can be presented to companies for all of these types of arrangements. 


Resources and trends

The internet is a wide open space with a lot of information and sometimes it can be hard to determine what resources and staffing news will actually help you as a job seeker. Here are some that we recommend.

  1. LinkedIn Learning courses for job searching
  2. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) blog
  3. Coursera's Job Search Guide
  4. These 10 Job Searching Resources from Indeed
  5. Our Beacon Hill blog


Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Based on the search volume regarding DEIB and DEI on our website, we know that candidates like yourself are interested in Beacon Hill's commitment to diverse staffing.

Our objective is to build and sustain a system of resources, procedures, policies and plans that support diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for all. So far, we've worked toward it with actionable steps like producing a DEIB Seminar, upgrading how we recruit, holding Unconscious Bias Training and providing Employee Resource Networks. We also document our work in a yearly DEIB report.

Professional policies and benefits

Job policies and employee benefits like dress codes as well as health insurance are big concerns for job seekers. That's why we wrote about them! At Beacon Hill, we offer contract talent benefits including:

  • Aetna Medical and Dental benefits
  • Vision Benefits from EyeMed
  • Health Savings Account through Fidelity
  • A 401K by Fidelity

Other Beacon Hill benefits for different types of hires are listed here.

Switching careers

We understand that modern job seekers are routinely seeking advice on changing careers. We've previously covered career pivot and non-linear career topics.

Rest assured, our recruiters can help prepare you to move successfully into a new type of role or industry. Here's how you can meet and connect with them.

Who we are

Beacon Hill was founded in 2000. For over 20 years, we've offered broad staffing, workforce extension, project consulting, and solutions backed by the experience of executives from global professional services organizations, staffing conglomerates, premier local boutiques, and large national firms.

To do this we've established eight divisions to help all kinds of job seekers find the right matches:

What we do

What does Beacon Hill do? We're expert partners that help match top candidates with equally impressive companies.

"We are not a transactional staffing firm – we believe in building long lasting relationships and doing what is right for our candidates and clients.” –Chelsie Walsh, Senior Corporate Recruiter & DEIB Resource Manager

Our Divisions

Beacon Hill Life Sciences®, Beacon Hill Financial®, Beacon Hill Legal® and Beacon Hill Associates® are searched most commonly on our website, but we service many others. Beacon Hill Government Services®, Beacon Hill HR®, Beacon Hill Solutions® and Beacon Hill Technologies® are all areas where we provide expert assistance.

Trusting Beacon Hill

In every business, there are spammers, which is why Beacon Hill works hard to protect job seekers by explaining how imposters work. Companies and individuals that impersonate Beacon Hill tend to:

  • Ask for any protected information (i.e., age, gender, etc.) or tell you theirs
  • Ask for personal information over an informal or unsecured channel, such as Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp or Telegram Messenger
  • Ask you to complete actions like buying a gift card, purchasing your own job equipment, sending money upfront, or other similar financial transactions
  • Ask you to reach out to an email address that is not connected to our company’s domain

So is Beacon Hill legit? Yes, the real Beacon Hill is, but be careful out there. The best way to stay safe and look at our roles is on our website.

At Beacon Hill, we're all about providing you with everything you need to follow your professional path. Ready to get started? Find a role and apply.

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