Beacon Hill Technologies Regional Vice President Jeff Rosen Featured in Staffing Industry Review

December 11th, 2015

This past November, the renowned publication Staffing Industry Review published an article entitled "The Demand-Supply Curve: The need for IT skills continues - unabated". This article featured our own Jeff Rosen, Regional Vice President of Beacon Hill Technologies. Rosen is responsible for leading and directing Beacon Hill's Technologies division in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

In the article, Rosen shared some of his expertise concerning the IT market, in particularly marketable skills that employers are looking for:

"'The ones that we’ve seen most have been .Net, SQL, Java, and really those have been the same things that have been for years,' says Jeff Rosen, regional VP of Beacon Hill Technologies, adding that skills in mobile are also in demand.

Based in Boston, Beacon Hill ranks on Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2015 list of fastest-growing US staffing firms.

Rosen says technology’s nature of constant change will continue to spur demand for IT professionals to help companies implement the latest technology. There’s also a shortage of new grads going into the field, he says. 'I think the college advisers and professors are not telling people the right things, there are so many jobs out there.'

Demand likely won’t slow down either, he says. 'I’ve been doing this for 20 years, I keep hearing it’s going to slow down or it’s going to change.' So far it hasn't."