3 Most Valuable College Degrees

Though there are many paths toward a satisfactory career, college represents an opportunity that can open many doors in the future. Though the financial benefits of earning a college degree may take several years to manifest, individuals who hold college degrees earn 75% more than non-degree holders over a lifetime, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In fact, the Census estimates that the the average bachelor's degree is worth more than $2.8 million over a lifetime.

Looking at the long term

If you're trying to decide on an educational path, don't only consider the jobs it will lead to immediately after graduation. Those entry level positions can lead to interesting senior level positions that allow you to demonstrate your creativity and expert knowledge. Explore the branching opportunities a full career trajectory can offer.

For example, computer science majors may begin their careers creating software for someone else's project. But as they progress to more senior positions, they'll gain more influence over work assignments and eventually lead teams on their own projects.

Additionally, the social connections you may make in college can form the foundation of a professional network that supports your career over the years. It's important to consider the experiences you'll gain outside of the classroom if you're on the fence about earning a degree. Even when you make the decision, it can be hard to choose a major. To learn more about some college degrees that can open up lucrative career paths, check out our infographic below.