What jobs can you get with a sociology degree?

Consider this sampling of jobs that benefit from the abilities cultivated during your sociology degree program.

Sociology majors develop a number of useful critical thinking and problem solving skills. The broadness of the degree means there's a lot you can do with it. Depending on your personal interests, you might decide to enter a field that deals heavily with interpersonal relationships, or you might choose to look at more data-driven fields.

"I believe a sociology degree gives candidates a skillset transferable to any industry," says Emily Kaeli, Senior Division Director for Beacon Hill's Associates Division in New York. "Being able to understand and communicate ideas is an essential trait necessary for any position. Candidates can pave the way for themselves and market themselves for the job they want."

Throughout your studies, you've likely developed the ability to analyze data, communicate intricate ideas to others and develop creative solutions to unique problems. These skills easily translate to many careers.

Sociology majors develop interpersonal and critical thinking skills that are useful in many fields.

Consider this sampling of jobs that benefit from the abilities cultivated during your sociology degree program:

Human resources manager

Job outlook: 7% growth
Estimated salary: $116,720

Human resource managers work closely with business leaders to develop HR strategies that align with the organization's larger objectives. They are responsible for communicating policies to employees and managing the company's recruitment strategy. Depending on the size of the organization, the HR manager may lead a large team or they might be solely responsible for the business's HR functions.

HR managers typically work with database software, which they use to track employee performance as well as interactions with potential candidates. As new positions are created within the organization, the HR manager works with department heads to create job descriptions and facilitate/oversee the hiring process.

Public relations specialist

Job outlook: 6% growth
Estimated salary: $61,150

Public relations specialists take on the responsibility of managing and shaping a company's brand reputation. In an environment where one misstep can define the perception of a company, it's up to PR specialists to manage crises and promote positive stories about the organization.

People in this role must possess strong communication skills. They may be responsible for writing press releases, speaking with reporters and giving interviews. In some cases, they may lead social media efforts and develop policies around customer interactions. They are expected to create strong relationships with media contacts and conduct themselves in a manner that reflects well on the company.

Mental health counselor

Job outlook: 22% growth
Estimated salary: $46,240

A mental health counselor is often the first person people turn to when they're in need of emotional support. Anyone considering this profession must have a strong desire to help others as well as a strong emotional reserve. The job can be challenging, especially for professionals who regularly work with clients with substance abuse issues.

Mental health counselors can work with individuals, couples and groups. Sometimes they can work in a consultative capacity to support community health efforts. Counselors often specialize in a specific subfield, such as childhood development or marriage counseling.

Market research analyst

Job outlook: 20% growth
Estimated salary: $63,790

Market research analysts work with business leaders and product development teams to forecast how initiatives will perform in the marketplace. They are often consulted during the planning phases of a new product or service. Businesses rely on market research analysts to determine product prices as well as to understand who makes up the target market.

Using statistical software, analysts review data and gather information about market trends and conditions. Using the knowledge gained from their analysis, analysts support marketing efforts and monitor the progress of campaigns. They often conduct polls and surveys to better understand how products and services are perceived by customers.

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