4 top hiring industries hiring in 2021

Keeping up with hiring trends helps you identify in-demand roles. That includes positions directly relevant to your current career path and potentially many others where you can apply valuable, transferable skills.

Hiring trends regularly change from year to year, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of some shifts and emerging opportunities. If you're considering a career change or are actively in the process of making one, understanding which sectors and roles have increased demand for staff is especially valuable.

Sectors and positions with increased hiring likely in 2021

Many employment sectors have realized positive changes in hiring at the end of 2020 and into the first months of 2021. Our infographic, "4 top industries hiring in 2021" lists four industries engaging in increased hiring, along with a specific, entry-level position for each. As you begin or continue your career search, you should consider how your own skills, education and work experience could help you move into one of these roles.

The wide range of positions with increased hiring in 2021 means you have plenty of options to consider. While not every role will have a high level of compatibility in terms of the broadly applicable skills and knowledge you possess, you may be able to identify one or a few that might offer relevant opportunities. And if a specific position requires some education or experience before moving into that role, the knowledge that hiring trends are likely to remain strong can make it that much more reasonable to start pursuing any needed training.

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