Dressing for Different Interviews

With the rise of casual workplaces and startups, a traditional suit isn't always the best option for a job interview these days. Here are some guidelines for both men and women on how to leave a positive impression when it comes to interview attire.

Business positions

For men, a traditional suit and tie is the way to go for business positions. If you want to express a little personality while remaining formal, opt for a gray or navy suit or an understated pinstripe.

Ladies, you'll want to go a similar route and stick with a simple suit getup - a blazer with a skirt or pants - in a plain color or simple print. Choose conservative jewelry so you don't distract your interviewer.

Creative positions

If you work in a creative industry, such as graphic design or editorial, you can take a few more liberties with your outfit. Men may want to choose a brighter tie or business-appropriate patterned shirt. However, you'll still want to pair these statement pieces with a classic, solid suit.

For women, one good option is to pair a neutral, classic pant with a bright colored shirt that complements your skin tone. This will show the interviewer that you're artistic, but still professional.

Startup positions

Interviewing at a startup? Men will want to dress professionally, but with a casual twist. A dress shirt and tie go well with slacks, and you can top the look off with a dress vest for creative flair.

Women may want to stick with a classic outfit, like straight pants and a blazer, but you can show off your personality with a bright or patterned item. Pick a fun bag or pair of shoes that really showcase your personality.

Overall tips

Regardless of what job you're interviewing for, there are a number of factors you should always take into consideration when dressing for an important meeting. You'll want to be comfortable, so try out your getup at home the day before your interview. Make sure your shoes are good for walking and that your skirt, pants or shirt doesn't pucker when you sit down.

Always check the weather before you head out for a job interview, and grab the necessary gear. If you're not driving, you may want to afford yourself a few extra minutes to freshen up your windswept hair.

Keep in mind that these are only guidelines and may not be appropriate for every situation and company. If you're unsure of what to wear to an interview, get in touch with your BH search or staffing consultant.