How to prepare for the candidate screening process

An exceptional candidate screening process is designed to benefit everyone involved: the recruiter, the employer and you, the candidate. Beacon Hill's screening system emphasizes your needs and provides wide-ranging support that can be exceptionally valuable for securing a new position. It all starts with an initial, in-depth interview.

The initial interview

When recruiters take the time to understand a candidate's specific professional interests, experience, education and goals, they can consistently offer relevant, engaging and fulfilling job opportunities. Our recruiters engage each and every one of the candidates we contact in a detailed, 20-25 minute conversation that centers on these key topics. This step is an uncommon one for other recruiting firms, so it's likely that you haven't had a similar discussion before.

To prepare for this conversation, set aside a little time to review your own experiences, interests and desired career path. Jotting down a few key notes or simply having a clear answer in mind helps you make the most of the conversation, setting up your recruiter for success on your behalf.

Want to learn more about preparing for the candidate screening process? Check out the infographic below for additional advice on topics, like preparing references and updating your resume.

A recruiting process that values job seekers

Our team of recruiters is dedicated to identifying the best possible job opportunities for you, taking everything from skill and experience to desired salary and maximum commuting distance into account. This approach also ensures the employers we partner with receive qualified, relevant candidates with the right combination of skills and experience, and that our recruiters consistently engage in productive, enriching work.

To learn more about how Beacon Hill can assist you in your career search, get in touch with us today.