5 in-demand job titles that pay over $100,000

Finding a rewarding job that offers compensation over the six-figure mark is a dream of many professionals. Thankfully, you don't necessarily need an eight-year medical degree to achieve this goal. The nature of work valued by the global economy has been shifting toward more data-driven, information-based tasks. Today, more companies than ever want to hire professionals with the skills and experience to harness technology and data to identify new opportunities to create value. This trend is reflected in the job titles listed in our inforgraphic below.

Soft skills and technical expertise go hand-in-hand

As you'll see from our findings, many high-paying, high-growth jobs require professionals who can leverage technology alongside critical thinking and analytical skills. For example, IT directors not only need to know their way around a computer system, but also require the ability to lead teams and make decisions based on data. In other words, if you're looking for a job like the ones we've identified below, you'll need a well-rounded set of skills.

Some examples of valuable soft skills include:

  • Emotional intelligence: The ability to fit into an existing company culture and foster healthy, productive relationships with team members.
  • Collaboration: The flexibility to move between teams and different types of projects; an appreciation for diversity of thought.
  • Problem solving: The capacity to analyze problems with logic and develop solutions quickly.
  • Adaptability: The competence to identify trends and the tenacity to branch out into unfamiliar territory.

If your dream is to find a satisfying job that offers competitive compensation, you'll need these soft skills in addition to the technical demands of the position. Check out our infographic below for more inspiration: