4 Ways to Move Up the Corporate Ladder

If you're currently in an entry level position, it may be time to move into a more senior role. In that case, you'll need to adjust your resume to highlight your previous experience.

Investing in continued education, industry certifications or corporate-sponsored training programs are all good options for improving your perceived value in the marketplace. Likewise, it can help to work on your soft skills such as public speaking, writing and critical thinking. Enrolling with local networking groups or clubs can help you pinpoint weaknesses and show you how to become a better professional.

You should also consider how you can become a respected thought leader in your industry or profession. Writing and publishing articles online is one way to show prospective employers that you're committed to your craft.

Another great option is to meet with a recruiter who will give you valuable feedback on your professional persona, recommend actions to take to improve your chances of getting hired and help you find interesting positions within your field.

Whether you're interested in a new position within your current company or want a complete change of scenery, these tips will help you find the job of your dreams: