5 Skills That Will Be In Demand in 2020 and Beyond

The nature of work is constantly changing, thanks to new technologies, shifting economic situations and global demand. In the past, individuals were able to stay with the same company for decades, moving up the ladder and only learning new skills when necessary. Today, the jobs market looks much different. People don't stay with their employers for as long, and those who do not upgrade their skill set frequently risk becoming obsolete.

New jobs, new skills

This summer, the Department of Labor reported that there were roughly 6.6 million job openings across the U.S. With falling unemployment rates, it seems like those jobs would be filled by anyone still in search of a position. However, a prevalent skills gap means that many unemployed individuals lack the expertise to fill those roles. As such, positions in a number of industries remain unfilled.

Which industries will face the biggest skills shortages? According to the LinkedIn Talent Blog, financial services, manufacturing and technology companies will be the hardest hit by the year 2030. In each of these industries, growth is outpacing the availability of human resources. Though advances in technology may be able to fill some of these gaps, workers will still be needed for important positions.

We have already seen how drastically the jobs market can change in just a few years. A decade ago, there were no Uber drivers or social media influencers; even the work done by data scientists and software developers was quite a bit different compared with today. Similar changes will continue to occur.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, consider investing your time in learning one of the skills covered in our infographic below.