BH Associates® Case Study

Call Center Support & Consulting


Our client, a global HR consulting firm, needed to expand call center operations
to accommodate high-volume open enrollment periods, as well as surges in call
center activity when working with new customers. They prioritized gaining
market insight, additional contract support during peak periods, and
increasing employee retention for their national call center operations.


Beacon Hill Associates consulted on best practices to find and retain the best
talent, which included:
• Market data and wage information
• Investments in training
• Performance management program
• Incentives including conversion to full-time employment

The Results

As a result of our consulting, our client opened a new center near their largest
customer and invested significantly to expand one of their call centers in an
affordable market. We helped streamline selection and integration procedures
for contract and full-time employees, contributing to contractor satisfaction
and increased conversions to full-time employees. Our client consolidated their
vendors, and we were chosen as one of their two primary vendors.